Jorge Sebastiao Joins Worldwide Blockchain Association Chief and CTO

December 13, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

Jorge Sebastiao, an innovation thought pioneer, force to be reckoned with, and ICT master in the space of digital protection, blockchain, computer-based intelligence, and brilliant urban communities, has recently joined the Worldwide Blockchain Association (GBO) as its Chief and CTO.

GBO is a non-benefit association that plans to advance the reception and development of blockchain innovation across different areas and districts. Jorge Sebastiao will lead the essential vision and bearing of GBO, as well as administer its specialized turn of events and activities. As per Jorge Sebastiao, blockchain innovation is a vital driver for computerized change and the eventual fate of brilliant urban communities. According to him,

Stage For Coordinated Effort, And Development

“Blockchain innovation isn’t just a dispersed record, but in addition a stage for coordinated effort, trust, and development. It can empower new plans of action, further develop productivity, and engage residents and networks. I’m eager to join GBO and work with its individuals and accomplices to propel the blockchain biological system and make positive social effects.”

He likewise makes sense that GBO is a special association that unites different partners from the general population and confidential areas, the scholarly world, and common society, to cultivate exchange, instruction, and collaboration on blockchain-related issues. According to him, “GBO is a worldwide organization of blockchain lovers, specialists, and pioneers, who share a typical vision and mission to advance blockchain innovation for everyone’s benefit.

GBO isn’t just an association, but additionally a development, where everybody can contribute, learn, and become together.” To help clients and designers engage with GBO, Jorge Sebastiao offers a few useful hints and best practices in his article, for example,

Jorge Sebastiao Offers A Best Practices

  • Visit the GBO site and more deeply study its vision, mission, values, and objectives.
  • Join the GBO people group and associate with other blockchain aficionados, specialists, and pioneers from various foundations and areas.
  • Take part in the GBO occasions and exercises, for example, online courses, studios, hackathons, and meetings, and offer your bits of knowledge and criticism.
  • Support the GBO activities and drives, like exploration, instruction, backing, and development, and contribute your abilities and assets.
  • Spread the news about GBO and blockchain innovation, and motivate others to join this development.

He is likewise a speaker, creator, and mentor on different points connected with innovation and development. He is the prime supporter and financial backer of EcoX Dubai, a stage that interfaces business people, financial backers, and specialists in the fields of supportability, innovation, and social effect. He is likewise the central security official and development hacking CSO of Crypto Bank, a computerized financial stage that influences blockchain innovation.


To help blockchain clients and designers engage with GBO, Jorge Sebastiao offers a few useful hints and best practices in his article

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