Travel Concerns are Raised by the Bed Bug Issue in Some Regions of Europe

Bed Bug
April 4, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

An examination of the safety measures we can take when visiting or hosting people from impacted areas. Dubai: Concerns over the spread of bed bugs worldwide during the upcoming Christmas season have been raised by reports of widespread infestations in many European towns in recent weeks.

Gulf News spoke with Dinesh Ramachandran, Technical and Safety, Environmental and Health Manager, Rentokil Boecker, an expert in pest control in Dubai, to see if there was anything inhabitants could do. Some of the most important queries and responses from the in-depth discussion:

To What Extent do Citizens of the United Arab Emirates know of the threat posed by Bed Bugs in some Regions of Europe?

Many people who have recently visited France or who have guests staying with them have asked to have their bags examined and handled. In general, the private and hospitality sectors have contacted us more frequently now that they have learned about the recent bed bug epidemic in Europe. Globalization, greater travel, rising temperatures, and climate change have all contributed to an increase in bed bug infestations in the region, which is a public health concern.

Bed bugs: what are they?

Bed bugs are parasitic bloodsuckers that mostly bite people. The oval-shaped, fat-bodied tropical bed bugs prevalent in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have a chestnut to brownish-red colour. Being nocturnal, they are most active just before dawn. Although they are adept at hiding, they are apparent to the unaided eye.

What is the spread of bed bugs and where can one find them?

Bed bugs are not limited to mattresses and bed frames, despite what the majority of people think. In addition, we can find them under loose wallpaper, in wall cracks, on our clothes, and our furniture. Electrical outlets also contain them. Since bed bugs are unable to fly, they must instead hitch a ride on people’s personal belongings like luggage, used furniture, public transportation like cabs and buses, as well as on public spaces like hotels and airports.

Why do they pose a threat?

In addition to causing discomfort and restless evenings for people, bed bugs may be costly and difficult to get rid of. They usually bite for a couple of minutes once a week. They can make people quite anxious mentally. Bed bug infestations may be quite concerning for hotels since they can damage their brand and cost them money. Bedbugs, rats, and mice pest control is important because they are a threat because of their rapid growth. One female bed bug is capable of producing hundreds of eggs.

Can Human illnesses result from Bed Bug Bites?

Bites are usually painless and disappear quickly. It may make some people itchy. There is a chance of infection if you scratch the bite mark.

Indications of Bed Insect Activity: what are they?

Every day, especially in instances of recent infestation, residents and hotel staff—especially housekeeping—should check the accommodations for bed bugs. The main focus of these routine inspections ought to be the locations where bedbugs are probably to be discovered.

Among these are: Examine mattresses for cracks and check for seams, headboards in order, box springs, structures, wallpaper, and chairs. Look for tiny black specks that could be mould, bloodstains, nymphs, eggs, or adult insects.

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