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Barnacle Busters
September 14, 2021 ( PR Submission Site )

Barnacle Busters is one of the leading dive service companies in Palm Beach. The company has experienced divers who are very much specialized in underwater propeller repair and boat bottom cleaning. The dive service providers have more than 30 years of experience in the field of underwater boat maintenance. The divers who inspect your boat and do cleaning are licensed and certified divers. The major goal of the dive service company is to make your boat attain maximum pick-up speed and better fuel efficiency.

Various services offered:

All types of services offered by barnacle busters are available at an affordable price. The services include boat bottom cleaning, underwater cleaning, zinc replacement, and all types of boat repairs. They also provide prop speed application to propellers and underwater recovery of lost articles. The company provides monthly and annual service plans on underwater yacht maintenance for the convenience of the customers. The company professionals will inspect your boat and work on the improvement of the boat performance. The divers also use prop speed application to ensure the boat work at normal boat speed.

Boat Bottom Cleaning service:

Divers have a major part in the underwater boat and yacht cleaning. The trained divers can clean all types of running gears, waterline scrubbing, and zinc inspections. Whenever you are planning for a trip with your boat, the company will do boat bottom cleaning one day before they travel. This will enhance the optimum performance of your boat and eliminate the excessive consumption of fuel. The company offers monthly sailboat dive service on the boat hulls and gears. These gears have to be cleaned properly which removes unwanted barnacles at the bottom of the vessel. The presence of the barnacles in the boat bottom will stop the boat to function properly in the water body. During boat bottom cleaning they also inspect the propeller and will rectify all the problems in it.

About Barnacle Busters:

Barnacle Busters is an elite dive service providing company in Palm Beach founded in 1979. The company offers hassle-free boat maintenance services at an affordable cost. The company has fully trained and licensed divers to clean and repair all types of issues in the boat bottom. For more information visit


10456 Riverside Dr.
Palm Beach Gardens,
Florida 33410

Phone: 561-625-4484


The major goal of the dive service company is to make your boat to attain maximum pick up speed and better fuel efficiency.

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