AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching Helps Owners Navigate Challenges in Auto Shop Management

AutoFix Auto Shop
March 4, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

Chris Cotton knows what it’s like to succeed and fail in running a business. The business coach’s experiences fuel his passion for helping auto shop owners overcome their obstacles. AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching helps owners go beyond just keeping their shops open. Cotton and his team advise shop owners on how to find success while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Working for Small Businesses

“When you have the right policies and procedures in place, you’ll have even more time to yourself,” Cotton said. “My coaches and I show you how to get your shop working right so you can focus on family and the other commitments in your life.” Cotton, whose Dad and Granny ran several small businesses, learned to value hard work as a child. Working for small businesses and in the auto repair industry for decades built up the skill set he now shares with clients.

AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching helps auto shop owners assess their current situation and determine what improvements are needed. Coaches outline what’s needed and work with owners to navigate challenges effectively and efficiently. That includes optimizing operations, managing inventory, and satisfying customers to make their business more profitable. “Being at the top can be lonely,” Cotton said. “There is often no one around to hold you accountable. That’s where we come in.”

Cash Flow System

AutoFix’s profits and cash flow system helps shops gain control of their finances. That gives owners a chance to make sure they can pay themselves while having the funds to cover their expenses. Each system is built around a company’s specific needs. Coaches help owners stay on track and fine-tune the plan as needed. AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching determines what goals and strategies are needed. Coaches develop exercises individualized to owners’ personalities and leadership styles.

A business coach helps owners see things from a new perspective and think critically about what their business needs to succeed. Reading a how-to guide isn’t going to cut it when it comes to today’s myriad of business challenges. Cotton invites owners to contact AutoFix to learn more about how having a business coach can help them. “We want to know the real you, including not only your successes but your challenges and heartaches,” Cotton said. “Whether it’s how to attract more customers or lower your business costs, we’ll work with you to find the answers you need.”


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