Appetals Solutions launches the world’s first AI-powered Mock Interview Practice app

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Mumbai, India PR Submission Site ) September 10, 2018 – Appetals Solutions is a leading innovation-driven technology solutions company. The company recently launched MockRabbit, the world’s first Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based mock interview practice app, a product of years of research and technology development.

The MockRabbit app is the first of its kind mobile app designed to offer hand-curated questions and intelligently crafted algorithmic programming to provide instant answer assessment to help software developers practice mock interview to ace their job interview with confidence.

The app is currently available on Google Play Store and has been described by many as “the ultimate training prep” before an interview by job seekers. The app creates an interview-like environment by generating questions based on the experience specified by the user before the interview, with different levels of difficulty depending on the experience specified by the user.

The app also records the answers given by the user using Natural Language Processing, helping users in not only the technical aspect of an interview but also testing their communication skills by letting them know that their answers are being converted into text using NLP. This gives the users a real interview feel where they are conscious of using the right words and flow when giving an answer in the presence of an interviewer.

The interviews questions are hand-curated, based on the recommendations taken from CTO’s and tech recruiters of top software firms, while the answers are written using S.A.R (Situation, Answer, and Result) structure.

The app uses algorithmic-driven programming to evaluate every question answered by the user using a combination of AI and ML. A unique scoring method is used for every question, which presents the user with a cumulative interview score at the end of the interview while also displaying the likelihood of them cracking the interview based on their answers during the interview.

Some of the amazing features of the MockRabbit app are highlighted as follows:

  • An ML, AI, and NLP integrated mobile app to provide a frictionless experience. The app converts user voice to text in real-time, process the user response with system answer and provide instant assessment for users to discover their state of readiness.
  • The interview interface gives the user an in-depth evaluation of their technical knowledge regarding their expertise.
  • Creates an interview like experience with the help of voice monitoring
    Hand-curated questions and answers to provide the highest level of relevancy.
  • 5. Reporting dashboard to view the progress and plan learning roadmap to master the skill.


“Millennial software developers need to present their best self in front of the prospective employer,” said Ishwar Jha, Founder, and CEO of Appetals Solutions. “MockRabbit is our effort to help millennial software developer learn, practice and prosper in their career. Our app is decoding the science of mock practice using new techniques and real-world perspective to help them hone tech skills and present their best self in front of a prospective employer. We are building the framework for millennials to create a lasting impact through their work for people around them and for the companies.”

MockRobbit acts as a self-evaluator and confidence booster for job seekers and other such users that need an interview-like environment.

The MockRobbit app is currently available for download on Google Play Store.

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Leading innovation-driven technology solutions, Appetals Solutions, announces the launch of MockRabbit App, the world’s first NLP/AI powered mock interview practice app

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