Angel Relief Changing Lives, One At A Time

Angel Relief
09 july, 2019 PR Submission Site ) – Angel Relief is a non-profit (NGO) humanitarian charity organization and aid program with focus on disaster relief, education and food programs in depressed areas in the Philippines.

Angel Relief’s driving passion is to feed the hungry and educate the poor in third world countries and to make a lasting difference for thousands of people. Angel Relief: Is a relief to the homeless, hungry and poor in the Philippines and South East Asia.

Angel Relief is working on projects for disaster relief, food programs, relief trucks, educational support programs and livelihood programs. Angel Relief is helping meet the needs of people who are victims of poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine with the purpose of being in a light and an angel to people without hope.

Angel Relief International is dedicated to work with other NGO’s to be able to reach out to needy children, families and communities to overcome poverty, malnutrition in areas where natural disasters are a common thing. Angel Relief’s main focus is the Philippines and Asia. Angel Relief are dedicated and compassionate to working with the world’s most vulnerable poor people. Angel Relief charity work serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

Angel Relief is doing different relief aid programs like immediate disaster relief (relief trucks and disaster relief teams), food give away, educational support, Organic farming and agriculture, livelihood program, medical aid care, clothing and shelter (for those who lost their home in natural disasters, like floods, earthquakes, typhoons and hurricanes, famine and loss of livelihood) and weekly leadership training.

More than 100 million people live in the Philippines, but a majority of them are living in deep poverty. Many people can’t afford to send their small kids to school primarily because they have to work and earn money for the family. We have been many places in the Philippines where people can’t afford a simple rice meal and when it comes to medical treatment they just can’t afford it.

The Philippines is situated in a “Ring of Fire” which means that natural disasters like Typhoons, flooding, earth quake etc. is some that happens often. There is always a need for relief work in the Philippines. Our charity program “Angel Relief” is working in depressed areas with deep poverty and in areas with nature disasters. Your help and support big or small makes a great difference.

Angel Relief’s goal it to reach one person at a time and change an entire nation.

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Angel Relief Changing Lives One At A Time

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