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October 10 


Kolkata, West Bengal, (prsubmissionsite) October 10 — The digital media is believed to have usurped the printing press. However, printing is rapidly being a state-of-the-art form and is progressing. The progress and the command of print in the market are prominently visible. Several companies, big and small, are more inclined towards print still over the digital media. Premium printing products are the best way to promote your business to your present and prosperous clients.


The print is tangible and is still the most trusted source of information. It thus helps in spreading your ideas and your voice to people better than any other medium. For example, a brochure of a company or an institution is more attention-grabbing than an e-brochure that is sent over by the company in the mail. For, to deliver a brochure a human touch is needed and this personal touch helps in the development of a stronger relationship between client and company.


Several printing products enhance the business propensity of a company. To name the basics are – Premium Coffee Table Books, Premium Calendars, Premium Catalogues, Premium Brochures and Premium Notebooks. 

Premium Coffee Table Book: Coffee Table Books helps you to promote you and your company subtly. Premium coffee table book enhances the quality and provides makes reading interesting.


Premium Brochures: Premium Brochures are the best way of delivering your company’s voice to your potential and existing clients. ‘Judge a book by its cover’ is basically how the client judges your company. So, it is essential to make your printing worthy.


Premium Calendars: Calendars silently and subtly deliver a lot of messages about a company. Calendars are a one-time investment for a year. The best calendar stays with your client and silently promotes your company.


Premium Catalogues: Instead of providing the clients with regular catalogues, premium catalogues provide better exposure to your products and helps in enhancing your business.


Premium Notebooks: Notebooks are what you need all year. Making the notebooks premium and adding a personal touch to it makes the notebook special and worthwhile. 


About Anderson Printing House:

Anderson Printing house is one of the prominent printing houses in Kolkata, West Bengal. The company provides all the above-mentioned premium products and also provide augmented printing that takes your regular printing to a new level. 



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