Americans Demand Regulation of Online Pharmacies


February 5,2019, ( PR Submission Site ) A new consumer study released today by the GenericPharmacyPills found that the majority (59%) of United States citizens think they should have the option to purchase their prescription medication online.

Conducted to better understand Americans’ attitudes, awareness, knowledge and motivations toward purchasing pharmaceuticals online over the web, the study revealed that a majority of Americans believe the pharmaceutical and pharmacy industries (74 percent) should play a key role in ensuring customer safety online and that government (76 percent) should regulate the sale of prescription medication online.

The recent study and researches finds that the consumer’s profile expectations from online pharmacy services must be accountable to first ensure safe practices. The importance of public awareness, education and enforcement to protect Americans’ safety is clearly assured,” Dr. Henry Mills, Chair of World Health Inc.

It is now easy it is to access opioids and other prescription medications online from illegitimate sources. These drugs often contain too much, too little, or no active ingredients; and/or may be made using dangerous and sometimes deadly substances. Meanwhile, millions of Americans are in or seeking recovery for substance use disorders,”

The study was thoroughly processed by the head of Creative Research Group in consultation with Dr. Henry Mills. People across the United States were usually surveyed by newsletter, polls, email, and phone. The results of the December 2018 report stated that United States Consumer survey were released at the GenericPharmacyPills News Room and on Social Media platform “Awareness About Illegal Online Sales and combating with drugs sellers” hosted by the GenericPharmacyPills in Tampa, FL.

Convenience and lower prices are the trending benefits of online pharmacies while receiving less quality or counterfeit medicines are the biggest health concerns. 21st Century Young adults were more than twice as likely as other age categories to consider ordering from an online pharmacy day and night. While only 5 percent of United States customers have purchased prescriptions online in the past, one in ten respondents say they are at least likely to make their next prescription purchase online. This trending trend in an online purchasing medication provides an opportunity for United States’ pharmacy community, regulators and public safety experts to prepare now in bulk orders every day, every month and every year.

“All these findings are a call to acting government and other industry,” said Joseph Barnes, acting Chief at Rowling Consulting who advises GenericPharmacyPills. “United States has one of the world’s safest place and most trusted drug supply chains round the clock. To keep it more safe – and keep fake drugs out of United States medicine committee – we need acting holders to act now to better protect customers from illegal and fake online drug suppliers.”

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