Introducing The Self Supporting Air Vacuum Home Lifts

self-supporting air vacuum home lifts
September 2, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

A self-supporting Nibav home lift, built with bulletproof glass, aircraft-grade aluminum, and galvanized steel. It provides an elegant design, European safety standards, and zero impact on your home infrastructure. Nibav Home lifts come with their self-supported structure. This ensures that this lift needs ZERO Civil Work. You do not need to build any side wall, column, beam, or even a supporting structure.

Nibav Home Lifts are made from an alloy of aluminium and galvanised steel. This enables the Nibav Lifts to be light in weight while maintaining strength. This also improves the build quality and lifespan of the lifts because rusting is prevented. A two-stop elevator would weigh approximately 680 KG.

In a vacuum elevator, air pressure is used to lift the elevator cab to the appropriate floor. They are more reliable and safer than other types of elevators. Typically, an air compressor is required to supply sufficient atmosphere to the pneumatic system to complete the task. The compressor draws air from the surrounding environment and stores it in receiver tanks. Pipes and valves are used to distribute them throughout the system. Air Pressure is a force imposed on an object by the weight of air molecules. If there is no air pressure, the cab will be grounded and will be unable to move up and down.

Since the shaft and the cabin are engineered and manufactured in the same facility, we can achieve maximum shaft to cabin space for any Small House lift in Malaysia. Our Residential Lifts Malaysia consumes less energy than a home appliance requires 90% less maintenance than its alternatives and only needs a small space to be installed. If you need more information related to Home Lifts Malaysia, Air Vacuum Home Lifts and Home Elevator just visit our site Nibav Home Lifts or Call +601112801966 our support team is here to guide you.


Air Vacuum Home Lifts

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