AIM Events Now Offers Lifestyle Memberships With Over 100+ Benefits!

Aim Events

Nov 21, 2018 ( PR Submission Site ): Aim Events, one of the leading event management companies in the UK and beyond, now offers limited edition lifestyle memberships that focus on nightlife and entertainment. By availing these offers, members can get exclusive benefits and access to luxury hotels, nightclubs, and private members clubs worldwide.

Club membership and comprehensive lifestyle programs such as those offered by AIM Events are a great way to have fun, socialise with others and make the most of one’s leisure time. For those who want to fill their social calendar and live a luxurious life, AIM Events’ lifestyle memberships would be a great option.

For interested parties, take note that upon joining, a bespoke membership card will be given along with a limited edition gift to welcome new members. In addition to that, members will also gain unparalleled access to the world’s top venues and five-star hotels, allowing them to receive the highest level of hospitality and incredible discounts. This is possible because the company is partnered with different sought-after establishments and venues for entertainment.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, there are lots of other perks that AIM Events can offer, making their lifestyle memberships the best choice in the market. According to them, “Our membership offers over 100 more benefits to our clients which you can find out about upon application”.

The company currently has two types of limited edition lifestyle memberships, namely AIM All Access and AIM Seasonal. The AIM All Access grants one year of full access to luxurious living which includes nightclub discounts, celebrity experiences, a personal shopper, private jet membership and so much more. Meanwhile, the AIM Seasonal offers the same benefits but can only be used for three months of either the winter of summer time.

AIM Events is known as one of the few companies that is able to excel not just in event management but in providing extensive lifestyle memberships as well. Because of this, they are able to deliver excellent service and demonstrate great hospitality to their clients.

For more information about this company and the memberships they have on offer, visit their website at

About AIM Events

AIM Events is a company that specialises in providing world-class event management services across the globe. To further extend the help they offer to their clients, they also have lifestyle memberships that present numerous amazing benefits and access to private aviation firms, hotels, and lots of top-notch venues. If you’re interested to know more about AIM events and their services, you’ll find useful details on their website at For written comments, suggestions, and other concerns, you may send them an email at To speak to one of their representatives, please call +353 (87) 702 3023.


AIM Events is known as one of the few companies that is able to excel not just in event management but in providing extensive lifestyle memberships as well.

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