AiKaan labs to offer its edge computing platform for research at NIT Rourkela

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(prsubmissionsite) October 26, 2019 – Edge computing is a new technology buzz word, that is catching up IT industry. Edge computing is a model of computing, similar to cloud computing. In the edge computing model, data is processed at the location, where data is generated, in contrast to cloud computing, where the data is pushed to servers in the cloud for processing. Processing data at the data-source has advantages over cloud data processing, based on application and use-cases. When data is processed at the edge, there is no need to send data to the cloud and get a response back, hence almost zero network delays. In the case of an application that generates huge volume of data, the cost of pushing data to the cloud can be significant. Processing data on the edge would mean, no additional cost. Also, data processed and stored locally, mean better control of the privacy and sovereignty of data. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Smart Surveillance, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Mobility, E-Vehicles, Enterprise Digital transformations are a few areas where edge computing is used.

NIT Rourkela, one of the premier institutes in India, at the forefront in the research and development of solutions for smart and sustainable cities. The ECE department of NIT Rourkela is adopting the AiKaan Labs edge computing platform in the research activities of smart cities. Smart cities generate huge amounts of data. This can be data from video cameras, from air quality monitoring sensors, traffic and vehicular movement data and also citizen mobility data. These data are sensitive and private. The huge data thus gathered can be very helpful for developing mobility, safety and sustainable living applications. Speaking on this topic, Dr. Santos Kumar Das, principal investigator of the smart city research group, explained the role of edge computing and micro data centers for data processing in smart cities. Joining the discussion, Mr. Pronoy Debnath, C.T.O of AiKaan labs, explained, how edge computing and cloud computing can help build better cities based on inference from data. 

About AiKaan Labs
AiKaan Labs, a Bangalore based startup is helping its customers to develop and run applications on the edge. AiKaan Labs edge computing platform, helps developers and dev-ops engineers to deploy, track, monitor and manage edge computing applications and edge computing sites.


AiKaan labs to offer its edge computing platform for research at NIT Rourkela.

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