The Intelligent Eye- AI-Powered Crime Detection in Smart Cities

Crime Detection
May 8, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

In today’s era of rapid urbanization, the safety and security of smart cities have become a matter of great importance. With the coming of advanced technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way crimes are detected and prevented. This blog aims at exploring the innovative AI for smart cities solutions offered by viAct – a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in creating safer and more secure smart cities.

Improving Surveillance with AI

The traditional surveillance system often struggles in real-time analysis of vast amount of video data. In this regard, viAct leverages cutting-edge AI algorithms to process and analyze the video feeds captured by the various AI-powered cameras, simultaneously.

By utilizing computer vision technology, viAct’s smart AI monitoring system can detect and recognize for any suspicious activities like vandalism, theft, etc. and identify suspicious objects (like any unattended object) or any unfavorable behaviour, like people fighting, etc. with industry leading accuracy.

Real-time Crime Detection & Alert

viAct’s intelligent smart city solutions operate in real-time and constantly monitors the videos streams for detecting any potential criminal activities. Combining advanced AI algorithms with deep learning techniques, the smart AI monitoring system has the potential to identify incidents, such as violence, vandalism, theft or any unauthorised access. In case any such incident is being detected, immediate alerts are triggered and send out to the concerned city officials, allowing them to respond promptly and prevent any further harm.

Remote Monitoring of Facilities in Cities

viAct’s AI monitoring platform allows the city officials to remotely monitor different facilities and spaces across cities using the real-time data collected by the scenario-based AI-powered video analytics.

Incident Log on Security Breaches

The city officials can also find the footage of the past incidents stored in viAct’s AI monitoring platform. They can view those footages anytime later to confirm the date and time of occurrence of any incident / security breach. These recorded insights can also be used as evidences by the police for investigation into incidents as wellas for fighting legal suits.

Collaborative Crime Prevention

viAct’s AI monitoring platform allows for collaboration between various law enforcement agencies, security personnel’s, as well as city administrators. By providing a centralized management platform for sharing data and communication, it facilitates real-time collaboration and allows a coordinated response to criminal activities.

This collaborative approach helps foster a safer and more secure environment in cities. It can therefore be concluded that, as smart cities are evolving, ensuring the safety and security of the residents is a matter of paramount importance. The intelligent eye provided by the smart city solutions such as those offered by viAct, can revolutionize the way crime prevention and detection are approached.

Leveraging advanced technologies like computer vision, video analytics, real-time incident detection and the like; viAct enables law enforcement agencies to respond promptly to the potential threats. Thus, as smart cities continue to grow and evolve, embracing AI-powered crime detection solutions becomes an essential step towards creating safer and more secure urban environment for all.


In today's era of rapid urbanization, the safety and security of smart cities have become a matter of great importance.

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