Codilar unveals Innovative Magento – AEM Integration for Ooka UAE

April 19, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

Ooka Heating Devices LLC, a prominent eCommerce brand specializing in hookah retail, has recently undergone a significant transformation, enhancing its online presence with the help of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). This overhaul has injected new life and vibrancy into Ooka’s website, creating a more engaging experience for hookah enthusiasts.

Digital Transformation

As Ooka evolved, so did its commitment to leveraging technology to provide the best possible customer experience. With the integration of AEM, Ooka’s online store has reached new heights, offering customers an immersive and enjoyable shopping journey. But what exactly is AEM? It’s a powerful tool that empowers businesses like Ooka to create personalized experiences across various devices and platforms.

Not only does AEM manage content, but it also handles digital assets such as images and videos, ensuring a visually stunning website. Ooka’s decision to embrace AEM was driven by a desire to strengthen its online presence and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Teaming up with Codilar, experts in digital experiences and Adobe solutions, Ooka embarked on a journey to elevate its online platform.

With Codilar’s expertise, Ooka seamlessly integrated AEM with its existing Adobe Commerce platform, breathing new life into the website. Key pages like Home and Categories were migrated to AEM, with plans for a complete transition in the future.

Here are Some of the Notable Enhancements Made Possible by AEM

1. Implementation of the Parallax effect, adding dynamic depth and interactivity to the website, enhancing user engagement.

2. Utilization of Headless AEM architecture, separating the backend operations handled by Magento from the frontend design managed by AEM, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

3. Creation of a multilingual website using AEM’s Multi Site Manager, enabling Ooka to reach a global audience with localized content.

In addition to AEM, Codilar also leveraged other Adobe solutions to further enhance Ooka’s website. This dedication to excellence led to recognition and nomination for an award at a prestigious event in 2024. Considering a similar transformation for your own website? Codilar offers headless Magento development services, empowering businesses to create dynamic and customizable online platforms that drive growth and customer satisfaction.


Discover how Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) transformed Ooka digital presence with a visually stunning website and an appealing user interface.

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