A Journey Filled with Adventure and Self-Discovery

Adventure and Self-Discovery

New York ( PR Submission Site ) November 5, 2018 — Morgan James’s new release, The Adventures of Mary Nobleman: A Novel by J.T. Joseph, is about a young girl in 2020 who discovers she is a descendant of the legendary King Arthur possessing special magical powers and embarks on a journey of adventure and self-discovery with her friends.

In the year 2020, Mary Nobleman is an average thirteen-year-old girl until one night she falls through the floor of her house and discovers a secret room in her family’s basement that is filled with artifacts. In the room, she discovers a journal, the famous Excalibur, and an Egyptian Amulet. She also finds a hidden tunnel leading to a river. Mary travels with her friend Julie and a Celtic fairy in a submarine to Wales, which used to be called Camelot. While Mary is on her journey she learns that she is a descendant of the legendary King Arthur from a secret second marriage and discovers some unique powers as well.

In Camelot, she and her friends fight evil creatures and become imprisoned by a secret coven on top of a mountain. Can Mary defeat those seeking revenge on Arthur’s bloodline? What truths do the rare relics hold? The Adventures of Mary Nobleman is a story about friendships, family secrets, and adventures. It encourages readers to think outside the box as they join Mary on her journey of self-discovery.

The Adventures of Mary Nobleman taps into the timeless fascination with Arthurian legend. It features themes of friendships, learning about family secrets, adventures, and self-discovery. Riveting and fascinating, The Adventures of Mary Nobleman tells a unique type of story that blends Fantasy and Science Fiction elements that many readers enjoy.

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About the Author:

J.T. Joseph has been writing since he was a high school sophomore. He graduated from the University of North Texas with an English degree with a concentration in Creative Writing. J.T. currently lives in the Dallas, Texas area.

More About This Title:

The Adventures of Mary Nobleman: A Novel by J.T. Joseph, will be released by Morgan James Publishing on November 13, 2018. The Adventures of Mary Nobleman—ISBN 978-1683509486—has 200 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $16.95.

About Morgan James Publishing:

Morgan James publishes trade quality titles designed to educate, encourage, inspire, or entertain readers with current, consistent, relevant topics that are available everywhere books are sold.


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Press Release for my young adult novel. The paperback will be released on November 13. The e-book is currently available on Kindle, kobo, nook, and google play.

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