“A Better Malaysia” Project Officially Launched – Nurturing Young Entrepreneurs To Drive National Development

A Better Malaysia
October 4, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

In a press conference, the Junior Chamber International Bukit Bintang announced its latest project, “A Better Malaysia” (ABM), aimed at cultivating, developing, and guiding young entrepreneurs to advance the nation’s progress and socioeconomic development.

It promises a robust ecosystem where young entrepreneurs will collaborate Esteemed business leaders from Malaysia, ASEAN, and mainland China, to serve as mentors for both this project and for the young entrepreneurs. By aligning with these business leaders, this allows emerging entrepreneurs to stand on the shoulders of giants, broaden their horizons, reduce common pitfalls, and garner unparalleled mentorship.

Include Six Pivotal Government Departments

This initiative has already garnered supporting from the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kementerian Belia Dan Sukan). The chapter has also initiated outreach to six pivotal government departments, including the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation, Ministry of Human Resources, Ministry of Communications and Digital, and Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

The press conference was held at the offices of MAVCAP Capital, attracting representatives and guests from various sectors. Among the distinguished attendees was Mr. Lim Chow Kiat, a representative from the Federal Territory Youth and Sports Department, bearing witness to the project’s launch and pivotal chapter in Malaysia’s entrepreneurial journey.

Primary Goal Of Project

The primary goal of this project is to assist in nurturing outstanding tech entrepreneurs from among 3,000 young university students. To achieve this objective, the Junior Chamber International Bukit Bintang plans to secure RM 25 million as the ultimate goal for the project’s entrepreneurship fund, obtained through venture capital funding. During the press conference, Noor Amy, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of MAVCAP (Malaysia Venture Capital Management Berhad), the venture capital partner for the ABM project, shared future trends that entrepreneurs should focus on, including food security and the care economy, especially the elderly care industry.

She further elaborated on ten strategic avenues for fundraising and business expansion, which include seed funds, angel investments, and crowdfunding, among others. Each method has its unique advantages and can be chosen based on the current position and challenges of the business. The Junior Chamber International Bukit Bintang’s “A Better Malaysia” project represents a crucial step for young entrepreneurs in their pursuit of success and their contribution to making the nation better.

The project’s launch marks a significant milestone for Malaysia in fostering young entrepreneurs and providing the younger generation with more opportunities and resources to unleash their potential. For collaboration and participation inquiries regarding Junior Chamber International Bukit Bintang (JCI Bukit Bintang) or the A Better Malaysia project, kindly reach out to President Bryan Chew.




Kuala Lumpur, September 26, 2023 - The Junior Chamber International Bukit Bintang has unveiled their "A Better Malaysia" (ABM) initiative, designed to nurture and support young entrepreneurs in bolstering Malaysia's socioeconomic growth. This project will connect emerging entrepreneurs with experienced business leaders from Malaysia, ASEAN, and China for unparalleled mentorship. Supported by the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports, and in collaboration with six key government departments, the initiative aims to foster tech innovation among 3,000 university students. The chamber's fundraising target is RM 25 million, sourced through venture capital. Noor Amy, COO of MAVCAP, the venture capital partner for ABM, highlighted future entrepreneurial trends and shared insights on strategic fundraising avenues. This project signifies Malaysia's commitment to empowering its young entrepreneurs. For more details, contact President Bryan Chew of JCI Bukit Bintang.

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