4STORM launches 360LOCK campaign on Indiegogo. Get this smart multi-use padlock with anti-hacking protocol and Blockchain technology


January 17,2019 ( PR Submission Site ) 360LOCK (http://360lock.4-storm.com) Is the ultimate multi-purpose padlock, a hardware and software device which aims to guarantee the safety of motorbikes, bicycles and other valuable property through the Blockchain technology.

Designed by 4storm, a startup company, the 360LOCK is only one of the products and innovative solutions for the IoT (Internet of Things), for outdoor and other professional fields created by the young team.

‘We thought of a multi purpose solution that could effectively and flexibly respond to different needs and methods of use. A single intelligent device provided with dedicated accessories,? says Marco Ciccolini, CEO 4storm.

360LOCK is a unique smart electronic lock, manufactured with robust hardware that is shock, dust and water resistant; its connectivity is guaranteed by RFID / Bluetooth technology, it is modular and rechargeable simply through a micro USB cable.

360LOCK is provided with a rechargeable battery enhanced by an energy saving system that allows users to activate and deactivate the lock ensuring a long cell life. With its robust structure, the padlock can be opened via an RFID bracelet or via Bluetooth connectivity, from a personal smartphone or smartwatch device.

360LOCK’s high security anti-hacking protocol was developed by 4storm in collaboration with the Department of Information Technology from the University of Camerino, it also uses a Blockchain specifically developed certification model which further guarantees the security of all the devices operational performances.

The padlock is equipped with modular accessories, including a chain with folding steel rods for bikes and motorcycles and an additional case that transforms it into a portable safe shielded from radio waves, which can comfortably hold ATM cards, keys, mobile phones and documents.

360LOCK is targeted at travelers, outdoor sports players and those who require security for unattended belongings. Furthermore, the lock is ideal for landlords or letting agents managing multiple apartments, that require the option to provide access to any property remotely. This is made possible wirelessly via the locks mobile app.

This patent protected solution will soon also provide an integrated remote alarm system through SIM card

:: August 2018

360LOCK was introduced to the market through a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform.

The campaign successfully closed gathering a 238% of the initial requested funds thanks largely to a crowd of young sportsmen (surfers, bikers, runners, etc) who immediately recognized the value and usefulness of the product.

:: November 2018

After the initial phase of interchanging ideas and solutions with manufacturing and commercial partners, the 360LOCK has finally reached the production stage. The first batch will be ready by the end of November 2018.

Before proceeding with the final shipping a sample of padlocks from the first batch will be carefully tested in order to check for any possible problems or manufacturing faults.

The new Android app in which existing bugs have been fixed has been released. The iOS app will follow in just a few weeks.

While the request for the italian patent has successfully passed the initial phase and is now waiting for final approval, the international patent (PCT) has also been requested.

:: January 2019 – State of the art

Imminent release of the official smart contract on ethereum for the certification of the opening and closing operations of the smart lock.

Continue to imagine up and design new accessories ( eg. Wall inserted safe vaults of varying sizes. ) to develop the possibility of personalization (eg. Laser incided logos on cases) and also to implement new features relative to the security ( eg. Sim enabled alarm system)

Last but not least, a new and gilded pre-sale offer has just been launched on Indiegogo.

The objective is to give a further push to our product before it reaches the traditional retailer channels throughout Europe, USA and Japan.

This will most likely be the last chance to purchase the 360LOCK at an unbeatable price.

This is also a limited time offer, so don’t miss it!

Link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/360lock-the-modular-smart-padlock-with-blockchain#/

Established in 2015, 4storm designs and develops high-tech devices for the outdoor and professional world. As founders and practitioners of action sports, they take their inspiration from their personal sporting experience to develop products such as the high-tech 360LOCK.

4storm products are developed with an understanding of consumer needs and the greater freedom and safety required during sports sessions, as well as outdoor trips and activities. The smart 360LOCK was created ultimately with this holistic vision in mind.


The second and last PRE-SALE CAMPAIGN just started on INDIEGOGO. It is the last chance to get this amazing smart lock at a very special price ensuring the safety of your motorbike, bicycle and other valuable property through Blockchain technology

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