Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Services Offered By The Nu Flow Company

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair
January 10, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

Having brought communities throughout the US and further afield their well-received services for many years, Nu Flow remains busy and a leading service that more and more clients are turning to when they need restoration or pipe repair services to their pipe systems.

Pipes start to deteriorate and even disintegrate after a number of years, which often necessitates replacement and having new systems to be installed. With their innovative and groundbreaking technology Nu Flow has helped thousands of clients worldwide to benefit from their system that offers a great service based upon their technology of not replacing, but rehabilitating old, tired pipes while, all the while, the pipes remain in their original position.

With their advanced cleaning and repair systems Nu Flow can repair pipes by simply finding one small entry point in the piping system, from where they can clean and repair affected pipes. This means there is no mess and digging up of pipes, leaving pipes exposed and surrounding surfaces damaged. Their systems are designed to cause minimal disruption, with proper cleaning of pipes before the epoxy is either injected into affected areas or put in place by the company’s patented PIP (Push or Pull in Place ) system.

Developed exclusively by Nu Flow, this service ensures various benefits for the client, such as virtually no invasive processes, only minimal disruption and great cost savings when compared to, for example, replacement. Their President, Mr. Tom Bowman is often quoted about the work the company does. He said recently, “We offer a trenchless sewer pipe repair service, and as a well-established service we offer our clients experience and the expertise needed to complete this job that requires high levels of experience. The growing interest in our services remains as high as ever.”

The company’s patented systems are now used in more than 400 countries and are mentioned for offering groundbreaking, innovative technologies that clients over a wide front are able to use. Some of these are owners of residential properties, while an impressive number of clients from a commercial or industrial background now contact them daily for their assistance.

These and all of the clients that use their services do so because of the many benefits to be derived from approaching them, such as leading and innovative services and cost savings, as opposed to having to consider a replacement.

Nu Flow remains a leading pipe repair services solutions company, with their trenchless methodology admired across the wider industry.

About Us

Nu Flow is a leading drain and sewer line repair specialist company with headquarters in San Diego, United States. In the 1990s this well-established company saw the gap that existed in the CIPP market and developed its own well-received Push or Pull-in-Place (PIP) method that added a new dimension to the existing technology. Today their trenchless drain and sewer pipe lining installations are used by nearly 400 companies globally. Their scope is much wider than that which had been offered before they started to develop their own advanced system. They introduced structural liner application to add to an already effective system, with their own methods and systems to offer pipe rehabilitation to also smaller pipes that run inside buildings.


Services of well-known Nu Flow in demand as ever as growing interest shows

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