Track A Cryptocurrency Portfolio Using FusedFolio

track cryptocurrency portfolio using fusedfolio
January 9, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

Investing in the cryptocurrency portfolio market has become common, with more and more people investing in them regularly. Over time, many such investors end up with wallets and accounts on multiple blockchain networks and exchanges. Tracking, measuring, and managing all such accounts becomes a grueling task for most of these investors. They look for tools or resources that can help them track their portfolio with ease.

FusedFolio is a service created by and for crypto investors to help investors track their cryptocurrency portfolio. The service allows them to connect their wallets and exchanges to their account. The service fetches balances from all these exchanges and wallets and shows the users a consolidated view of their holdings.

The Role Of FusedFolio

It is a platform that lets investors keep track of the coins and tokens they hold. It simplifies the process of cryptocurrency portfolio tracking changes in their portfolio. Thus, users can monitor the performance of their assets using a single dashboard.

FusedFolio was launched recently as a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking service. Right now, it integrates with more than 75 blockchain networks and over 15 exchanges. The balance is updated six times daily, and the crypto prices are updated several times throughout the day. Thus, users can get the latest value of their holdings whenever they want. The creators reveal they will soon be integrating with more exchanges and networks. They also mention that in the future, the tracker will show open orders on all exchanges. For more information, please visit our website.

How Investors Can Use This Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking Service

Crypto investors can use the dashboard in their accounts to keep an eye on their crypto investments. They will not have to log in to individual exchange accounts to check the performance because that would be tedious and often time-consuming. Using their dashboard on FusedFolio, they can view everything using a few clicks.


Introducing FusedFolio, a crypto portfolio tracking service for crypto investors that can help keep track of their investments using a single platform.

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