TPS62290DRVR DC Switching Regulators

tps62290drvr dc switching regulators
November 29, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

The TPS62290DRVR devices are highly efficient synchronous step-down DC/DC converters optimized for battery-powered portable applications. They provide up to 1000-mA output current from a single Li-ion cell.

With an input voltage range of 2.3 V to 6.0 V, the devices support batteries with an extended voltage range and are ideal to power portable applications like mobile phones and other portable equipment.

The TPS6229x devices operate at the 2.25-MHz fixed switching frequency and enter power save mode operation at light load currents to maintain high efficiency over the entire load current range.

The power save mode is optimized for low output voltage ripple. For low-noise applications, the devices can be forced into fixed frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) mode by pulling the MODE pin high. In the shutdown mode, the current consumption is reduced to less than 1 μA. The TPS6229x devices allow the use of small inductors and capacitors to achieve a small solution size.

The TPS62290DRVR Texas Instruments devices operate over a free air temperature range of –40°C to 85°C. The devices are available in a 2-mm × 2-mm 6-pin WSON package (DRV).


• High Efficiency – up to 96%
• Output Current up to 1000 mA
• VIN Range From 2.3 V to 6.0V for Li-ion Batteries with Extended Voltage Range
• 2.25-MHz Fixed Frequency Operation
• Power Save Mode at Light Load Currents
• Output Voltage Accuracy in PWM Mode ±1.5%
• Fixed Output Voltage Options
• Typical 15-μA Quiescent Current
• 100% Duty Cycle for Lowest Dropout
• Voltage Positioning at Light Loads
• Available in a 2-mm × 2-mm × 0.8-mm WSON (6) Package (DRV)


• Mobile Phones, Smart-Phones
• Wireless LAN
• Pocket PCs
• Low Power DSP Supply
• Portable Media Players
• Point-of-Load (POL) Applications


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