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spotify promo with the tunes club
August 22, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

Promotion and marketing are the most important features that are needed to accelerate the careers of musicians. Keeping that in mind, The Tunes Club has introduced its latest and newest services with affordable promotional packages so that the careers of emerging musicians can be encouraged and empowered. These affordable packages are created to fit inside everyone’s budgets that serve the purpose and the requirements of promoting their latest works as well.  As Spotify is the most used musical platform, by availing of the agency’s services any artist will be able to get that Spotify promo.

The company has worked with the top music promotion companies in the industry for several years and with its trial and error methods, it has developed its most effective method which will help any aspiring artist to gain organic listeners on the platform with their Spotify promotional campaigns that creates a long-lasting impact. There are a total of 4 well-crafted promotional packages that The Tunes Club offers on their website and all of them come at an affordable price range. The first package is called the Spotify Marketing Package which is designed for beginners in the industry with the least amount of exposure to the platform.

The cost of the package comes at $39 per week and by applying the discount of weekly recurring the artists will get a flat 15% off discount which brings down the price to $33 per week. Through this package, the artists will be able to promote one single track which will be promoted on the platform. This package gives outstanding Spotify placement for the mentioned track and will be added to over 60+ Spotify playlists which will offer 3000-3500 organic listeners. In addition to that, this package will also promote the track on several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. via its social media campaigns.

The second package, Spotify Promotion Pack includes a paid press release distribution. The price of this package is $69 weekly but with the weekly 15% recurring discount the package comes at $59 per week. The artists can add up to two tracks to promote in this package as it offers playlist placement in over 90 curated Spotify playlists. By using this, artists will gain 7000-7500 listeners on the platform. Along with it, the package is also responsible for the artists’ social media promotions.

The third package, Spotify Marketing Pro Pack comes at weekly $105 and the artists can include up to 3 tracks to promote. With the help of this package, the tracks will be added to over 120 curated Spotify playlists. It guarantees 10,000-11,000 listeners for the artist along with increased engagements and social media promotions. It also contains paid press release distribution and a music blog.

The last package, Spotify Promotion Pro Pack is priced at $169 per week which includes promotions of a total of 4 tracks. The package offers placement of the tracks in over 180 curated Spotify playlists. With the help of this package, artists will get up to 14,000-15,000 listeners along with engagement and promotions on social media. Additionally, this pack includes paid press release distribution, a music Blog, and one artist review.

About the company:

The Tunes Club is one of the leading promotion agencies worldwide that offers highly effective promotional packages at an affordable price rate.


The leading agency, The Tunes Club is offering Spotify promo at an affordable rate which will increase the count of your listeners including other benefits.

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