San Francisco Inventor Presents “SNUGZIE” Facial Tissue, So You Will Never Run Out – Ever Again

April 19, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

San Francisco, California – Richard H. Davis, a prolific inventor and entrepreneur from San Francisco, California, has unveiled his latest innovation: SNUGZIE facial tissues. Tired of the inconvenience of unexpectedly running out of facial tissues, Davis took matters into his own hands to create a solution that ensures you never face the dilemma of an empty tissue box again.

Tissue Supply Indicator

“I suddenly ran out of Kleenex, yet no warning, no alert, just an empty box,” Davis recounts. “I thought there should be a convenient way to know when you’re about to run out of Kleenex, so you don’t have to make that obligatory tissue run to Wally World.” With this motivation, SNUGZIE facial tissues were born. The patented SNUGZIE facial tissue system works ingeniously by providing users with 100 white 2-ply tissues, followed by a series of 28 colored warning tissues – either pink or baby blue – signaling that it’s time to restock.

This innovative approach not only eliminates the inconvenience of unexpectedly running out of tissues but also promotes hygienic practices by discouraging the use of unsanitary handkerchiefs. “People are stockpiling boxes of Kleenex and hoarding rolls of toilet paper products, sparking panic buying and causing many out-of-stock situations,” Davis observes.

Transforming Tissue Management

“I believe the world is now ready for a box of facial tissues that automatically alerts you when you run low.” SNUGZIE facial tissues are not only practical but also exceptionally soft, providing users with a luxurious experience akin to “tickling your nose with a feather.” Designed with reliability, accuracy, and ease of use in mind, SNUGZIE is ideal for households, particularly during cold and flu season.

Davis envisions SNUGZIE as a feature that tissue paper companies could easily license and incorporate into their existing brands, such as Kleenex, Puffs, Scotties, and various private label store brands. With its potential to revolutionize the way consumers manage their facial tissue supply,


Richard H. Davis

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SNUGZIE represents a significant advancement in household convenience and hygiene.

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