Realtime POS Collaborates with 24Seven Commerce to Offer Omnichannel Customer Experiences

August 3, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

Realtime POS users can now use the Octopus Bridge plugin to sync their online and offline stores to achieve this seamless integration and create a single data pool. This will enable the bi-directional exchange of important data like products, stock levels, prices, orders, customer details, etc., between in-store POS systems and eCommerce stores.

As a result, stores can have clean, high-quality data that can give accurate product recommendations, eliminate delivery failure, and update inventories to prevent “out-of-stock” situations and surplus goods, which will help boost customer experience.

They can also provide personalized experiences and grow their bottom line as accurate data gives clear insights into their customer’s demands, preferences, and problems. Plus, the human resources and time spent on organizing data are significantly reduced, enabling store staff to direct their attention towards activities that grow revenue.

On the other hand, retailers who want to adopt a data-driven approach without aggregating data will have to shell out extra time, money, and workforce to improve data quality.

This will also impact their bottom line as inaccurate product details, and incorrect customer information will lead to product returns and losses. But this isn’t entirely retailers’ fault as most of them can’t adopt a data-driven approach because of the complex upgrades and the complicated customizations.

However, the Octopus Bridge plugin helps resolve this problem regardless of the upgrades and customizations as it only acts as a bridge between two different platforms and doesn’t directly affect either of them.

About Realtime POS:

Realtime POS is a robust and comprehensive retail management system that is built for retail chains and multi-store operations. The real-time POS enables real-time access to POS transactions, purchases, inventory management, inter-store and warehouse-to-store stock transfers, cash management, and many other functions. Integration between Realtime POS and 24Seven’s Octopus Bridge empowers retailers to sell on multiple eCommerce channels simultaneously and seamlessly.

About 24Seven Commerce:

We provide a cloud-based platform that enables retailers to sell online and synchronize online sales, shoppers, and inventory with in-store point-of-sale (POS).

We’re the leading providers of Integration-as-a-Service and have served clients in 20+ countries. Our mission is to make integrated eCommerce accessible to every retailer by offering affordable eCommerce technology for owners of brick-and-mortar stores.



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Retailers who operate chain stores or have multiple stores (online and offline) must have a tool that aggregates data from multiple sources like POS and eCommerce stores to deliver an outstanding consumer experience.

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