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August 24, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

In this digital era, people around the world have started to consider websites as the first point of contact for a certain business. Having multilingual backlinks for a website has become more important than ever to reach a broader network, improve conversion rates, and expand your business globally.

With the RankBrain algorithm, it is now more crucial than ever to write the backlinks in the same language as the page being linked to. SERP Consultancy understands how important it is to have a multilingual backlink for a website in today’s time. Their services include providing multilingual backlinks for websites targeting different language-speaking audiences.

Multilingual Backlinks Service by SERP Consultancy

SERP Consultancy offers multilingual backlinks in 7 different languages, which entails French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Dutch, and Polish.

Multilingual Backlinks in 7 Different Languages

French Link Building:

The French SEO and link-building services provided by SERP Consultancy can help you target the French audience and offer you the highest quality ethical links to make your website 100% relevant for your keywords. The company only uses the highest quality handpicked French content-based directories or uses .fr TLDs and websites hosted in France to get the most relevant links for your website. They provide 100% manual and thoughtfully curated SEO link-building methods to offer you only the best results.

Spanish Link Building:

Despite being the second most natively spoken language around the world, it is fairly less competition when compared to English sites from the SEO perspective. The Spanish SEO link-building services provided by SERP Consultancy will give you the highest possible SEO exposure to reach the intended audience for your business.

The company only uses sites that are in the Española language, hosted in Spain, or have TLD. SERP Consultancy ensures you provide the best ROI with their database of Spanish PR, articles, and social bookmark aggregators that are based on indexability, DA, Google PR, and review time.

Italian Link Building:

SERP Consultancy generates a link from the sites with .it domain extension or those hosted in Italy or in the Italian language to help your business in reaching the audience you are targeting. They also sort the site list based on DA, PA, Google indexability, approval rate, and other crucial SEO parameters.

German Link Building:

Being the second most spoken native language across Europe, it is easier to target the German market and for that SERP Consultancy takes different approaches. The German link-building package is curated to provide you thematically one-way links from the most popular ccTLD .de domains that are life-long.

Apart from this, the link-building team of SERP Consultancy also focuses on getting links from German-language websites or the directories that are hosted in the country. The sites they choose for getting the quality links are based on different SEO factors including domain age, Google indexability and PR, and domain authority (DA) in order to help you achieve the highest possible ROI from their service.

Russian Link Building:

When it comes to the total number of native speakers, Russian stands in the 5th position and is considered to be the most spoken language all over Europe. However, despite having more than 140 million native speakers, the difficulty level on Russian websites is quite less than English websites in Google in terms of getting organic search engine results. SERP Consultancy helps you to play safely and get an edge over your competitors by providing quality links from Russian sites.

They do not use any SAPE network or other paid networks for their link-building techniques. The team focuses on getting links from .ru domains and the Russian language sites or the ones hosted in Russia. Like other link-building services, they go by certain SEO parameters such as domain age, approval rate, and DA to ensure maximum benefits to your business.

The team of professionals in SERP Consultancy choose sites from different IPs and hosted them on multiple servers, instead of using a chain of websites for link-building purposes. The company offers link building for both Google and Yandex to guarantee a steady boost in your organic visibility in the digital space.

Dutch Link Building:

SERP Consultancy assists you to target a Dutch audience better by ranking higher on the Dutch language searches through Dutch link-building techniques. They help you to get relevant links from authoritative NL/BE domains or sites that are hosted in Belgium or Netherlands.

The link-building databases they use are regularly updated based on the approval rate, indexability, and Google PageRank, among other SEO factors. The team provides a comprehensive report each time after completing a project that consists of the published URL or category that they have submitted content to or your website to get those links. There are also no extra charges for altering or diversifying the anchor texts as per your preference, which is another advantage that the company offers.

Polish Link Building:

With more than 46 million native speakers around the world, the Polish market can be lucrative for businesses. SERP Consultancy helps you target the Polish market and rank on top of the Polish language searches by providing the best-quality Polish links that are relevant to your business. The team of experts only uses strategic and ethical SEO practices to help your reach the top ranking in and target the Polish audience that is right for your business.

SERP Consultancy provides link-building practices that are 100% manual and effectively executed by a team of professionals. The team only picks the sites that are hosted in Poland or have .pl TLD to create the highest quality backlinks that are relevant to your website.

They have a dedicated database having unique Polish guest blogging sites, press releases, articles and social bookmark aggregators that are narrowed down depending on the indexability, review time, Google PR, domain authority, review time, and other SEO services in order to deliver the best ROI from the services they provided.

Reasons To Opt For Multilingual Link Building

Since globalization has led to expanding businesses across borders, to audiences that speak different languages it is crucial to link your sites that use different languages as a part of an international SEO tactic.

With multilingual link building you can:

  • Increase rankings: To boost the ranking of your website globally on search engines, using multilingual link building can be effective. This way you can reach a wider audience and increase the chances of being found on the search results in different locations.
  • Target globally: Multilingual link building helps your business to have a global presence by targeting specific markets and locations. By targeting different language-speaking markets you can make your business more accessible to international audiences.
  • Higher reputation: Getting multilingual backlinks is a great way to reach an audience in their native language. This way your business will come as more authoritative and trusted to audiences in every location.

About SERP Consultancy:

Based in Kolkata, India, SERP Consultancy is a full-service digital marketing company that excels in providing an array of services including SEO, PPC, SMM, and Web Design that include SEO optimized coding. The company only uses White Hat marketing methods and ethical SEO tactics practiced by skilled professionals to guarantee their clients provide data-driven results to increase their ROI within a dedicated timeframe.

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