PRYM Sports Pledges To Make India a Healthier Nation

PRYM Sports

Delhi NCR, PR Submission Site ) Nov 21, 2018: As our dismal performance in international sporting events, like the Olympics, continues, here’s a brand that has rightly identified the root cause behind the failure. According to PRYM Sports, an upcoming brand with immense you potential, it’s not that this country of millions, lacks talent. It’s infrastructure, training and enthusiasm that have gone amiss.

The brand has made us recognize the rather embarrassing truth – we, as a nation, lack the sporting culture. Our classroom driven education system that neglects sports and the lack of physical activities in our daily lives, make our disinterest all the more conspicuous. An erratic, urban lifestyle, absence of sporting facilities and the predominance of gadgets over physical activities, have taken their toll on our physical and mental health. And this is precisely what PRYM Sport plans to change.

Driven by the belief that sports positively impacts one’s physical and intellectual wellbeing, the brand is here with its 3600 approach to make it an integral part of our life. The brand plans to make its mark, in a category that already has established, long-term players, with a very meticulously thought out game plan.

PRYM Sports isn’t just coming up with a sprawling retail outlet aimed at catering to the sporting needs of amateurs and professionals alike, the brand’s unique offering also includes education and training related to various sports activities.

PRYM Sports is also equipped with the infrastructure to organize and manage sports events. But that one proposition that truly sets the brand a league apart is the customized sports consultation that it promises to offer to schools, colleges and corporate houses to revive the interest in sports and thereby, encourage a healthier lifestyle.

With an extensive range of products that covers the basic requirements as well as the more advanced equipment, PRYM Sports is here to come up with innovative sporting solution for sports achievers, amateurs and even those, who have never been exposed to it before. Children, who can’t afford to make the required expenditures, have also not been left out.

The PRYM showroom will have a donation box to collect used sports goods, which will be later distributed amongst the needy. PRYM Sports envisions an India that has reached the pinnacles of excellence in sports, and is committed towards making this dream come true by training those Indian youth, whose sporting talent hasn’t been tapped yet.

With a brand that’s dedicated towards stimulating an interest in pursuing sports, we can all look forward to a healthier future for the nation.



The brand has made us recognize the rather embarrassing truth – we, as a nation, lack the sporting culture.

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