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August 3, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

Whether it’s about updating your old fireplace or looking for a new one, fireplaces are essential in every household. In Peterborough, Ontario, The Original Flame full-service boutique showroom has been providing warmth and style. Through its contemporary range of fireplaces and other heating solutions.

Operating as a division of JRH Enterprises. The Original Flame is currently collaborating with a range of renowned brands. Like Amantii, Bosch, Kamado Joe, Elmira, Regency, Saber, and more.

Products Offered by the Original Flame Showroom


The showroom offers two different types of fireplaces, including gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces. The gas fireplaces provided by The Original Flame are sourced from top manufacturers like Regency, Valor, Majestic, and Kingsman. The products come with clean lines, bold colors, different sizes, durable materials, and sleek finishes.

The electric fireplaces offered by them are manufactured by leading brands like Amantii and Regency. These fireplaces are easy to install, affordable, versatile, and flexible to fit in different areas of your room. The electric fireplaces offered by The Original Flame provide a premium feel at a low-cost option.

BBQ and grills:

The Original Flame offers various BBQs and grills from manufacturers like Saber and Kamado Joe. The grills come with separate burners that can be adjusted per one’s requirements. Saber grills are capable of rapid preheating, come with infrared technology and quick assembly options, and are durable and fuel-efficient. Kamado Joe ceramic grills, provided by The Original Flame. These are crafted for high-quality performance and to last longer than standard grills.


The furnaces featured in the boutique showroom are from brands like Continental. These furnaces come with the utmost efficiency along with an energy-efficiency feature. The C97 and C96 series from the brand, which is available at The Original Flame. Comes with 97% AFUE 2 Stage and 96% AFUE 2 Stage, respectively.


The Original Flame offers three types of inserts: gas inserts, pellet inserts, and electric inserts. These inserts are perfect for bringing your old fireplace back to life. They are easy to install, cost-efficient, eliminate heat loss, work with remote control, and are easy to maintain. In the showroom, you can find inserts from top brands like Regency and Archgard.


The Regency stoves are some of the most efficient ones available in the showroom.

Other products offered by The Original Flame include appliances, cook stoves, and air conditioners. The boutique also provides full service – from installation to ongoing service of the products.

Visit their official website The Original Flame.

About The Original Flame:

The Original Flame, based in Peterborough, is a full-service boutique showroom. It has been providing high-quality heating and cooling products from top brands, since 2007. Some of the brands they feature are Amantii, Elmira, Continental, Regency, Majestic, Saber, and others.


Whether it’s about updating your old fireplace or looking for a new one, fireplaces are essential in every household.

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