Omnie Solutions Nurturing Well-Being: Providing Organic Food for a Healthier Workforce

Organic Food
January 8, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

Taking a step towards fostering a healthier work environment, Omnie Solutions has taken the initiative to serve Organic Food for lunch, snacks, and dinner to its workforce. This initiative reflects the company’s dedication to supporting the physical and mental well-being of its employees. This initiative was taken considering the facts that how much adulterated food is available in the market and its negative impact on our bodies in the long run.

Recognizing the crucial link between nutrition and overall health, Omnie Solutions has partnered with a 100% organic and home-style meal service provider based in Noida – OMKITCHEN Just Organic, to provide its employees access to high-quality, fresh, and home-style organic lunch, snacks, and dinner. The new program – serving chemical-free food, aims to create a workplace culture that values and prioritizes the well-being of its team members.

Personal And Professional Growth

“At Omnie Solutions, we believe that a healthy mind and body are integral to personal and professional growth,” said Prieyaa Saxena, Senior Manager- HR at Omnie Solutions. “Our Organic Food Program is our commitment to creating an environment where our employees can thrive, not only in their careers but also in their overall well-being.” She further added.

The Organic Food Program at Omnie Solutions includes a curated selection of menus that change every day. There are different cuisines like North Indian, South Indian, Thai, Mexican, and Chinese that the menu comprises. Each dish is carefully crafted with fresh and seasonal organic ingredients. The meals are less on oils and spices, but more on taste & nutrition.

Organic Meal Service

According to Arvind Gupta, working as a UX/UI Lead at Omnie Solutions, “It’s so good to see that the organization put so much effort into bringing the organic meal service provider onboard for all of us. I stay late or work in different time shifts because of work commitments so the access to “Ghar Jesa Khana” by OMKITCHEN at my workplace is truly a blessing. It’s just like what my mother used to make at home. Simple, yummy, and super healthy!

In addition to supporting the physical health of its employees, Omnie Solutions acknowledges the positive impact of a well-nourished workforce on mental well-being and productivity. Studies have shown that a diet rich in organic, nutrient-dense foods can enhance the functioning of the body and contribute to increased productivity, focus, and creativity.


This forward-thinking initiative aligns with Omnie Solutions’ commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. By providing access to organic meals, the company not only supports the health of its employees but also contributes to the well-being of the community and the environment. The Organic Food Program is one of the many initiatives of the company’s dedication to creating a positive and healthier workforce.


In an effort to promote a healthier work environment, Omnie Solutions has implemented a program to provide organic meals for its employees during lunch, snacks, and dinner. This demonstrates the company's commitment to prioritizing the physical and mental health of its workforce.

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