OpenSea Clone: New Wave of Opportunities

opensea clone new wave of opportunities
October 3, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

OpenSea is the leading marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain network. Every NFT enthusiast who wishes to set foot in the NFT market with their own marketplace would wish for a market-leading platform like OpenSea. With blockchain advancements, now you can have your own marketplace like OpenSea with the possibility of OpenSea clone marketplace development.

OpenSea is one of the pioneers in the NFT space. It has record-breaking sales, and it is a marketplace filled with rich features and functionalities. Building an OpenSea clone marketplace platform can be groundbreaking for your NFT business venture.

OpenSea marketplace is a perfect marketplace choice for buyers and sellers as all categories of NFTs, like art, sports, videos, etc., can be found under one roof. The OpenSea marketplace allows peer-to-peer NFT trading.

Another important marketplace feature available on leading marketplaces like OpenSea is that it takes care of the complicated process of converting digital art into NFT and monetizing it.

OpenSea has clearly become the hub for hosting most of the NFT projects in their marketplace. OpenSea has been the go-to marketplace for creators because of its flawless UI, which provides users with the best experience in the market. These strengths of the OpenSea marketplace make it the most desired platform not only among NFT creators but also for entrepreneurs who look to begin their NFT journey with OpenSea clone marketplace development.

Why Choose OpenSea Clone

OpenSea clone enables your NFT business venture with the same features as the OpenSea platform, but in addition to already available features and functions, you can customize the marketplace platform to support your business model.

Lazy Minting

OpenSea Clone marketplace offers NFT creators an option of lazy minting, which helps to attract more NFT creators to the platform. The lazy minting option allows NFT creators to pay the minting fee after the NFT sale is completed. This is a great feature that helps to pull traction to the marketplace.

Cross Chain functionality

The OpenSea clone lets your business run the marketplace on any desired blockchain platform which suits your business model the best.

Crypto Wallet Integration and Payment

Wallets are an essential feature of any marketplace in the world. Wallets facilitate the users to buy, sell, trade, and store NFTs. Like OpenSea, the clone marketplace can also provide users with 150 payment options.

Seaport Protocol

A unique feature available on the OpenSea clone is Seaport. It enables users to buy and sell NFTs in the marketplace safely. It enables the marketplace company to improve the functionalities of the marketplace quickly.

One of the major outcomes of implementing the seaport protocol is that it reduces gas fees by nearly 30%, which helps to attract more traction to your marketplace.

Another feature the seaport adds to the marketplace is that it allows the users to offer the whole collection rather than offering each NFT in the collection. It also enables the users with statistics such as floor price, rarity percentage, and highest offer made when searched with an attribute filter in the marketplace. These features give the users a better idea to make the best offer.

Fee Benefits Of Owning Marketplace

Owning an OpenSea clone marketplace opens up extensive opportunities to earn revenue. Your business could charge the users a minting fee; you can also charge transaction fees, and another benefit for the marketplace owner is that they can provide the NFT creators with just 10% royalty fees.

Fraud Reduction

The Opesea Clone platform provides famous NFT art creators in the industry with a verification mark so that it reduces the fraud and misuse of the famous NFT creator’s reputation and image.


Your OpenSea clone script is equipped with a unique storefront feature like no other NFT marketplace. The OpenSea clone storefront feature lets you create a storefront for the users with unique designs and features.


The buyers are enlightened with the ranking statistics in the OpenSea clone NFT marketplace. This feature lets the users filter the search results by the chain, floor price, top or trending NFTs in the marketplace, or categories of NFT.

Created Tab

The created tab option is a relatively new feature added to the OpenSea clone NFT marketplace. This feature allows the NFT buyers to track other NFT projects of the particular creator across different marketplaces that OpenSea tracks.

Floor Price

It is one of the most anticipated features by the users, which lets the buyers get updated about the floor price of the particular NFT collection. The floor price helps potential buyers to know the average price of an NFT in a particular collection.

Credit and Debit Card Payment

OpenSea clone NFT marketplace enables users with another payment option which allows the users to purchase Polygon NFT projects with debit or credit card payment options.

Collection Page

The OpenSea clone NFT marketplace comes with tons of features, and another feature of the list is the search bar and filters on the collection page to ease the browsing experience of the buyers in the marketplace.

How OpenSea Works

The NFT marketplace working perspectives and features differ for the buyers and sellers accordingly.


The seller has to sign up in the clone marketplace platform and then integrate the wallet to kick start the NFT journey. The NFT project creator has to get the NFT project mint ready to list it on the marketplace. The platform also offers the sellers an option to mint on the marketplace as well. The sellers can list the minted NFTs in auctions or open bids to attract potential buyers in the marketplace.


The buyers need to sign up in the marketplace and integrate their wallets which enable them to trade NFT in the marketplace.  The buyer can take part in bids or auctions in the marketplace to buy NFT projects. In addition, the buyers can make an offer to buy an entire collection of the NFT project.

Top OpenSea Clone Development Companies

There are many benefits to developing your own OpenSea clone marketplace. To avail of these business benefits, your crypto business needs an industry-leading company to develop your clone marketplace.

  • Infinite Block Tech

Infinite Block Tech is one of the best companies that can give your business the perfect development solution. Being one of the experienced companies in the NFT market, they can provide you with the tailor-made OpenSea clone development solution which would best fit the business requirements. They do not stop once the marketplace is delivered to the clients. They also offer post-development services round the clock.

  • Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory is a leading NFT marketplace development company that has many marketplace development services to offer its clients. Blockchain App Factory provides development solutions that are specific to the client’s suggestions. They also offer post-launch services.

  •  Leewayhertz

Leewayhertz offers multiple marketplace development services and helps your business build a marketplace with loaded features and layers of security features. Leewayhertz is an expert in the crypto space.

  • Antier Solutions

Antier is a company that is well known for token development and marketplace development, which offers more scalability. Antier offers smart contract audit services for your clone marketplace. Which helps your marketplace to be free from bugs and breaches.

  • Maticz

Maticz marketplace helps your business build a marketplace platform that is enabled with cross-chain functionality. Maticz has a team of blockchain experts who can deliver a marketplace according to the client’s requirements.


The NFT market boom does not seem to end in the near future. The NFT market promises high returns to the business models if the market’s potential is tapped correctly.

OpenSea clone is a perfect example of tapping the NFT market potential in the right way. The NFT crypto industry’s top-tier companies can provide the best results you expect from them.


OpenSea is one of the pioneers in the NFT space. It has record-breaking sales, and it is a marketplace filled with rich features and functionalities. Building an OpenSea clone marketplace platform can be groundbreaking for your NFT business venture. 

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