Nutrition Journal JACN Rebrands and Re-Focuses to Make Research More Accessible

nutrition journal jacn rebrands and refocuses its research
October 19, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

The Journal of the American Center for Nutrition has announced a rebranding and website redesign effort. This change highlights the organization’s dedication to making its nutrition research publication more accessible to all populations interested in nutrition, not just academia., previously known as the Journal of The American College of Nutrition, is excited to announce this change which will broaden its appeal and better reflect its mission.

“This rebranding highlights the Journal’s effort to provide evidence-based research in an accessible format, with an emphasis on meta-analysis and review studies.”, stated editor-in-chief, Robert Rynfield.

While the Journal maintains its identity as an independent research center for the scientific exploration of nutrition, the changes will allow for a more inclusive readership and bring the Journal’s design and functionality up-to-date. With a focus on presenting its data online in a mobile-first format, the Journal has made preparations for a future transition to Web 3.0. The improvements have also made a point to improve user experience by simplifying navigation and making resources easier to find. The rebranded site will also offer new opportunities for members to engage with each other and for professionals to connect with a broader audience.

JACN members can find jobs, internships, and fellowships to continue their education all in one place. The Journal also functions as a hub for professionals to post job opportunities within the nutrition field, or list their credentials in the online directory. “While our name has changed, our mission has not. The Journal of the American Center for Nutrition strives to be the most reliable source of evidence-based nutrition information online,” stated Rynfied.

As an independent research center, JACN funds clinical research through grants, awards, and scholarships; they also offer additional funding sources through third parties. In addition, the American Center for Nutrition strives to publish original articles, reviews, and case reports in the Journal that are peer-reviewed by experts in the field to ensure they meet the highest scientific standards.

The Journal is actively seeking to partner with scientists, doctors, professionals, and students who share their vision of improving human health through nutrition research. The Journal encourages all those passionate about nutrition to visit the new website for more information on memberships and partnerships, guidelines on submitting manuscripts, or how to be part of the American Center for Nutrition’s mission.

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