Movestrong at the launch of Functional Training Fitness room

Sterling Park District

February 13,2019 ( PR Submission Site ) Sterling Park District recently dedicated a new 6000sqft space for MoveStrong Functional Fitness Equipment and Training. This is their latest addition to the Westwood Fitness and Sports Club in Illinois. Apart from this, a turf was also installed by MoveStrong in 12,000sfqt area right next to the Functional training space to encourage various types of training such as speed agility training, athletic team training, functional fitness training and other sports activities.

MoveStrong worked relentlessly with Parks and staff to craft a layout for this project. This new space is designed especially for all the sports as well as fitness related activities. Each and every installation including the turf, equipment and the rubber flooring is coordinated and managed by MoveStrong.

This project is an ultimate setup for people to workout either individually or in groups. Members, trainers, teams and individual coaches can use this space for a plethora of purposes such as obstacle course challenges, calisthenics, MMA training, HIIT workouts and last but not the least ninja warrior style workouts.

Certain tailor-made (customized) MoveStrong fitness equipment have been installed in this new area. These installations include an assortment of equipment like NOVA XL Functional Training Station, Dynabells, Salmon Ladder, Triple Warped Wall, Rack System and what not.

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Movestrong at the launch of Functional Training Fitness room

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