Jiangsu River Heavy Industry Introduces Long Reach Boom for Heavy Duty Excavation

long reach boom heavy duty excavation
May 23, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

Changzhou, China –  Jiangsu River Heavy Industry is proud to announced the introduction of their innovative new long reach boom, designed for heavy duty excavation projects. This revolutionary technology is sure to revolutionize the construction industry as it offers increased safety and efficiency when operating on challenging sites. The new system comes with a variety of features, such as an adjustable stabilizer bar, a bogey wheel and open-centre hydraulic functioning which provides maximum work area flexibility. The operator cabin is nestled in between a pair of reinforced protective beams while two interchangeable base mounts offer superb versatility in different terrain conditions.

Boosting Productivity with the Long Reach Boom Manufactured by Jiangsu River Heavy Industry

Construction work requires machines that can handle heavy-duty tasks. One of these machines is the excavator, which is known for its ability to dig and scoop up dirt, rocks, and debris. However, the standard reach of an excavator can be limiting, especially when working in hard-to-reach areas. That’s where a long reach boom comes in handy. In this Press Release, we’ll discuss this innovative product manufactured by Jiangsu River Heavy Industry and how it can boost productivity in construction projects.

1. What Is A Long Reach Boom, And Why Is It Beneficial?

A long reach boom is an attachment that extends the reach of an excavator. It’s made up of a series of hydraulic booms that can be adjusted to different lengths, allowing the operator to work at greater heights and deeper depths. The benefits of using a long reach boom are many.

  • Firstly, it increases an excavator’s digging and dumping capabilities, especially in places where the standard arm couldn’t reach.
  • Secondly, it reduces the need for additional machines, which not only saves time but also reduces project costs.
  • Lastly, it maintains the stability of the machine even at extended lengths of reach, making it easier for the operator to maneuver.

2. What Makes Jiangsu River Heavy Industry Long Reach Boom Heavy Duty Excavation Stand Out?

Jiangsu River Heavy Industry is one of the leading manufacturers of long reach booms in the market. Their products are made with high-grade materials and advanced technology, making them durable and reliable. Additionally, Jiangsu River Heavy Industry booms can be customized to fit different excavators, making them versatile for any construction project. These booms can also be fitted with additional attachments such as buckets, which allow for even more functionality. Lastly, Jiangsu River Heavy Industry booms efficiently utilize hydraulic pressure, which contributes to efficiency and lowers maintenance costs.

3. Where Can A Long Reach Boom Heavy Duty Excavation Be Used?

A long reach boom is versatile and can be used for various construction projects such as dredging, demolition, and foundation digging. It’s ideal for projects that involve digging around bridges, alongside rivers, or in urban areas where space is limited. It’s also used for cleaning debris in water bodies and for clearing clogged drains or culverts.

4. What Should You Consider Before Purchasing A Long Reach Boom?

Before purchasing a long reach boom, it’s essential to consider certain factors such as the size and weight of the excavator, the type of job, and the environmental conditions of the work site. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure that the boom is compatible with the excavator, and its attachments can be easily swapped out.

Jiangsu River Heavy Industry long reach boom is a game-changer in the world of river heavy duty excavation. With its outstanding reach, it can reach deep into the water and grab debris without having to reposition the entire machine. The long reach saves time, money, and resources while increasing productivity. For riverfront projects and waterway maintenance, this tool is essential. Its superior design allows for enhanced versatility, even in tight spaces. Additionally, the long reach boom helps ensure that environmental impact is kept to a minimum. As the machine can access hard-to-reach areas without disturbing sensitive ecosystems. Overall, Jiangsu River Heavy Industry long reach boom provides a class-leading solution for river heavy duty excavation requirements.

In conclusion

Using a long reach boom is a great way to boost productivity and efficiency in construction projects. Compared to traditional excavators, long reach booms allow you to work in hard-to-reach areas while maintaining stability and control. Jiangsu River Heavy Industry long reach boom is an innovative product that provides all these benefits and more. It’s durable, reliable, and customizable to fit different excavators, making it a versatile tool for any construction project. By utilizing the Long Reach Boom manufactured by Jiangsu River Heavy Industry, you can be on your way to achieving your project goals and finishing your construction project on time and within budget.

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The long reach boom has an impressive total reach of up to 20 meters allowing for efficient and effective excavating operations.

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