Let’s Nurture Aims to Provide Platforms to Fabricate New Ideas for its Employees

Let’s Nurture

August 30, 2018 ( PR Submission Site ) Creative ideas reside in people’s mind but are trapped by fear or rejection. So, Let’s Nurture creates a judgment-free environment, where its members can unleash a torrent of creativity.

We celebrate skill development day on every 4th Saturday of each month. All the departments including iOS development team, mobile app development team, design team, digital marketing team and sales team were the participants who enhanced their skills. We created groups where members of each department are placed wisely and are assigned with some projects or tasks. The company not only focuses on core stuff, they also have games included in these events, everyone celebrates this day as a family with lots of joy and fun.

A day filled with a Plethora of Skills & Innovative Ideas

This time, the company came up with ideas where members can explore their talents and showcase their creative ideas via presentations. This helps to increase team interaction and team building activities. It enhances the technical knowledge. And the whole team gets to know the business strategy. So, they discovered 2 events; Ideathon and Blogathon.


The whole family was divided into 3 teams, and were assigned to develop an app along with its features, designs, marketing strategies, business model and targeted audience on the following projects:

– Team 1 (Bytes On Tap) was assigned to build a “Peer to peer file transferring app like (xender, share it)”.
– Team 2 (Calling Thunder) were tasked to create a “Video calling app for mobile and web”.
– Team 3 (Drishtify) had to design “An app that can provide help to blind peoples”.

The event was judged by Mr. Jay Shah and Mr. Sunil Veluri. The event continued for 6 hours. Each member did brainstorming and came up with different features, which had an impressive impact on our judges.


A blog gives you the opportunity to create relevant content for your customers as it works as a marketing tactic to drive traffic back to a company website. So, new interns were given individual topics to write a blog upon. The event was guided and judged by Mr. Abhishek Amin. Under his guidance participants came up with some really cool contents within a less time.

At the end of the day, our judges were equipped with the outcomes. Winners were revived with awards. Addition to that we also had a brief session on how can we work on our ideas, how can we improve our blog writings, how to represent our ideas in front of others and much more.

We get to learn and develop our skills with much fun embedded. This is how work and celebration go hand-in-hand at Let’s Nurture. Want to know more? Get in touch with our experts by calling on +1-631-954-6922. You can also contact us at  info@letsnurture.com


Let’s Nurture being one of the elite IoT solution providers and mobile app development company, has made an immense impact across various industry verticals. But what sort of impact does it have on its employees so far?

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