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Lambert Engineering Ltd

Nov 23, 2018 ( PR Submission Site ): Lambert Engineering Ltd, one of the leading machine builder companies in the UK, is proud to offer their extensive manufacturing machinery services. They aim to help businesses and organizations in creating precise equipment for different volumes of production.

As part of their services, this company can help design and build automation systems. With their combined experience and creativity, they can manufacture bespoke automation that isn’t just world class, but also highly flexible. At the same time, they also have an in-house industrial design consultancy for those who need product design advice.

Lambert Engineering Ltd can also provide excellent engineering services to product and original equipment manufacturers. They are committed to the contract manufacturer of various technical equipment for OEMs and even End Users. Through this, this company can help in adding capacity, complication customer capability, and reducing the cost of the build.

Aside from automation systems and equipment engineering, Lambert Engineering Ltd is also experienced in manufacturing quality components. This particular service includes high tolerance and overseas volume manufacture, rapid response, combined with conformance certification and in-house inspection.

Lambert Engineering Ltd is staffed with dedicated specialists who can professionally provide commercial and technical services designed to exceed clients’ expectations. According to them, “Lamberts Equipment Engineering division provides extensive build to print services to Global Product manufacturing organizations. With over 40 years of Automation machinery build experience, Lamberts team of Build to Print specialists manufacture, assemble and commission customer designed Production Equipment, delivery on time and exactly to specification”.

This company also understands that requirements for machine process change either as a result of new product design and technology. That’s why they guarantee that their team of industrial machine builders are always capable of repurposing and upgrading industrial equipment.

Furthermore, Lambert Engineering Ltd is also proud that they’ve been in the machine build industry for over 40 years. Along with this, they export over 80% of the equipment they produced, which can be found on factory floors of leading brands across medical, food and beverage, and energy generation industry.

To find out further details about Lambert Engineering Ltd and the manufacturing machinery services they have on offer, just head over to their website at

About Lambert Engineering Ltd

Lambert Engineering Ltd is an established company that specializes in delivering great machine design and build services. They have a team of dedicated professionals who have the relevant skills and knowledge in providing quality engineering services to original equipment and product manufacturers. If you are interested in availing their services, there are several ways to get in touch with this company.

To speak with one of their representatives, you may call +44 1937 832921. As for your written comments and questions, you can send them an email via Just check out their official website at for more details.


Lambert Engineering Ltd is staffed with dedicated specialists who can professionally provide commercial and technical services designed to exceed clients’ expectations.

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