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November 24, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

AI is currently shaping the way of recruiting and hiring new employees. Undoubtedly, the future of humanity for nearly every industry will highly depend on AI, mainly if we discuss new ways of recruiting employees and hiring patterns. The Society for Human Resource Management’s 2021–22 HR Systems (SHRM) survey states that recruitment software and technology are the top priority for recruiters and hiring managers to invest in. And this pattern will not be going anywhere.

“The advantages of HR technology powered by AI and machine learning continue to attract employers…” – Pawel Pietras, CEO of IntRec.

Employers and recruiters have observed that AI recruitment solutions offer the following advantages:

Improves The Recruitment Process

Instead of investing days or weeks to extract pure talent from hundreds of CVs, IntRec’s AI recruitment software is designed to handle tedious and repetitive tasks in minutes.

The employment process of candidates can be accelerated using an effective recruitment strategy. By defining selection criteria, a post will be filled more quickly when candidates are inspected & assessed effectively.

We ensure all candidates may get equal opportunities; our AI works swiftly and inevitably to review each candidate’s application.

Ideal Candidate Selection

AI screening effectively removes both conscious and unconscious human bias from the hiring process. Human judgment may be impacted by identification variables such as gender, color, age, education level, and handicap. By following a defined recruitment process, IntRec’s AI enhances candidate selection during the hiring process.

IntRec AI recruitment platform takes a step further by analyzing data on team fit and the company’s culture to verify incoming applicants. With this approach, AI chooses certain people according to their ability to fit in, grow within the organization, and excel in a specific job capacity. Ultimately, HR and recruiters can foresee the quality of hires by applying the practical assessment of the company’s culture and team fit.

AI For Intelligent Recruitment

IntRec helps businesses of all sizes generate a diverse and qualified candidate pool, improve recruiting elements, and lower turnover rates. We also offer candidate authentication, personality and competency analysis, skill-based tests, and other services.

McKinsey’s “Future of Work” reports say around 55% of businesses are investing in recruitment automation. Per the claim, they believe it will increase overall efficiency and help make data-driven decisions easily.

We devote most of our time to studying and comprehending the recruitment process’s bottleneck. We are passionate about bringing innovative and disruptive solutions to the HR Tech industry. So, to enhance the hiring process, we are persistently developing advanced AI recruitment solutions.

About IntRec

IntRec Inc. is an advanced AI recruitment software company with the help of which recruiters and businesses can choose ideal candidates more swiftly and intelligently on a broader scale. The company provides a cutting-edge recruitment solution to help businesses that want fast hiring and decrease turnover rates.

We create proprietary AI technology mainly used for analyzing personality and capabilities. It is the first technology to be available commercially. Businesses can implement it in hiring to match talent with team fit and the company’s culture. You can process thousands of applicants within an hour using IntRec’s AI recruitment platform.

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Instead of investing days or weeks to extract pure talent from hundreds of CVs, IntRec's AI recruitment software is designed to handle tedious and repetitive tasks in minutes.

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