Direct-To-Consumer Hearing Solutions Leader iHEAR® Medical Expands Top-Rated Products To Drugstore Locations Nationwide

iHEAR Medical

29 june, 2019 PR Submission Site ) – iHEAR Medical, Inc., the leader in direct-to-consumer hearing solutions, announced today a nationwide expansion into 2,500 drugstore locations, following a successful 500-store test run. In addition, iHEAR plans to launch in additional drugstores across the United States by year end.

 “The drugstore channel is poised to expand rapidly in response to the imminent changes in hearing aid regulations, implemented to improve affordability and access to basic hearing care,” stated Adnan Shennib, Founder and CEO of iHEAR. “iHEAR is aligning with the drugstore channels to serve millions of consumers who are currently denied access to quality hearing solutions. We are also expanding our brand in the rapidly emerging over-the-counter (OTC) market.”

 The expansion into additional drugstores includes the iHEARtest™, the only FDA-cleared home hearing screener, and the TReO™ Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP).  iHEAR’s products are now available in major drugstores, including at CVS, as well as online markets including,, and Amazon. The full range of products can be found at iHEAR’s online store.

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 “Research shows that an estimated 67 to 86 percent of Americans with hearing impairment currently go untreated, putting them at risk of cognitive decline, lower income, higher incidence of depression, social isolation and falls among seniors,” stated Mr. Shennib. “We have seen first-hand in our daily interactions with hearing impaired individuals how better hearing can be a life-changing experience and our mission is to bring affordable, high-quality products to all who need them.”

 The OTC Hearing Aid Act was recently passed into law to improve the affordability and accessibility of hearing aids. About 30 million Americans with hearing loss currently go untreated, making hearing impairment one of the most common form of disability in the United States.

 About iHEAR Medical, Inc.

iHEAR Medical, Inc. is a venture-backed firm dedicated to addressing the global need for affordable and accessible hearing solutions. iHEAR, founded by Adnan Shennib who led the development of major hearing innovations in Silicon Valley. Shennib also founded InSound Medical where he invented the Lyric® hearing device, a recipient of the Medical Device Excellence Award. Shennib’s innovations were featured in major media outlets including CNN, New York Times, Dr Oz Show, USA Today and Inc. Magazine.

 iHEAR is pioneering direct-to-consumer and OTC hearing solutions with over 45 patents issued and pending in its intellectual property portfolio. iHEAR’s cloud-based platform delivers effective hearing solutions at a fraction of the cost of conventional products, bringing the price of customized, prescription-quality hearing aids in line with eyeglasses.

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Adnan Shennib – Adnan Shennib – Founder / CEO / Innovator, iHEAR Medical, Inc.


iHEAR’s quest to deliver nationwide availability of innovative lower cost hearing products seeks to empower consumers and remove barriers for millions

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