Hydro Mania Corp, a Subsidiary of The Berkeley Capital Group throws Hat in the Plant Cultivation Business

Hydro Mania

September 13, 2018 ( PR Submission Site ) Hydro Mania Corp (“Hydro”), an emerging hydroponic supplies leader and a subsidiary of the Berkeley Capital Group Inc, that focuses on gardening products and grow systems that help people live happier, healthier lives, today announced they will launch plant cultivation facilities.  Hydro Mania plans to construct and operate the plant cultivation facilities in the State of Michigan and New York State dedicated exclusively to innovations in the cannabis industry.

The plant cultivation facility will include nutrient formulations, lighting and environmental systems, irrigation, growing media, and integrated cultivation systems in support of Hydro Mania promoted brands.   Hydro Mania will also develop cultivars for specific growing conditions and therapeutic purposes.

“We currently work with a broad range of licensed cannabis producers across the country, and we have seen the need for plant cultivation facilities that are  based in the Northeast that could provide unparalleled expertise and experience for an ever expanding industry.” said Mr. A. Michael Jackson III, COO of Hydro Mania Corp.  “We look forward to undertaking this project with the Berkeley Capital Group to spearhead a new era of innovation in the emerging cannabis industry.”

The new 35,000 square foot plant cultivation facilities will combine laboratories, indoor and outdoor greenhouse grow suites, training areas and genetics breeding areas in a single building.  Construction will begin in second quarter 2019.  The facility is expected to open in early 2020.

“Hydro Mania gives us a unique opportunity to combine their deep expertise in cultivation products and systems with our industry-leading expertise in emerging markets and biopharma plant cultivation research” said Mr. M.A. Berkeley, Chief Executive Officer of The Berkeley Capital Group.  “We’re excited about the advancements being made in medicine in the cannabis industry and the demand is great for innovative and reputable cultivators.

The plant cultivation facilities will reinforce the region’s status as a hub for advanced plant cultivation and contribute to economic development in the area.  New scientific and technical staff from the community  will be added to Hydro Mania construction and cultivation teams.  The facility will also represent a significant investment by the Berkeley Capital Group in the regions.

About  the Berkeley Capital Group Inc.

The Berkeley Capital Group Inc (“BCG”) is a private asset management and advisory firm incorporated in the Great State of New York USA, with offices in Africa, Asia the Caribbean and Europe where its dedicated team of professionals provide its clients with specialized logistical and strategical services, as well as deal specific transaction consultancy.

About Hydro Mania Corp

Hydro Mania Corp (“Hydro”), provides an array of tools for a multitude of gardening needs to help people live happier, healthier lives through gardening.  The company is dedicated to promoting high-quality products founded in social and environmental responsibility and creates engaging consumer experiences that empower more people to garden no matter where or how they choose to grow. www.hydromania.ml


Hydro Mania Corp an emerging hydroponic supplies leader and a subsidiary of the Berkeley Capital Group, announced they will launch plant cultivation facilities in the Northeast.

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