How to start your journey to health and fitness?

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(prsubmissionsite) November 2, 2019 – We keep hearing that fitness is a lifestyle. It is, once you start letting go and don’t care about your health then it’s tough to get back on track. Being a fit middle-aged male is very different if you never looked after yourself in your younger years but there is a way to achieve the impossible. There is still a way to be healthier than countless men of your age.

It’s gonna be a journey to achieve optimum health and fitness possible. And We want to help you by navigating you on your journey.

 Why Start?

Starting is the most important part of this journey, if you don’t start you won’t get anywhere near where you want to be. Many people who achieved greatness started from somewhere unpleasant. Every master was a student first. Don’t worry about how you’ll be seen struggling in the gym, they lack perspective. They won’t be beside you when you’ll be in a hospital bed because of a cardiac arrest. You can avoid all these problems by just being a little more considerate about your health and working out and eating healthy. Fitness can be achieved, all you gotta do is put your head down and work on it. Start today so you can reap the benefits sooner than later!

 How to start?

All you need to do to get up and become a fitter version of yourself is a bit of ground if you’re not looking to get a gym membership. If you have ever thought that you can’t be fitter because either you don’t have the money to subscribe for a gymnasium or don’t have one in your locality then those days are over. You can do a few exercises that help you to reach a new echelon of fitness without any weights. If you are ashamed of letting people watch you start your fitness journey, there is a solution to that also. It’s time to work hard on yourself. There are two factors involved in achieving fitness and great health – Diet and Exercise. We are gonna show you a couple of ways you can ace in both of these factors to achieve your greatest mental & physical form. 

Diet – 

There are generally 2 types of transformational diets, one to gain weight and the other one to lose it. It depends on what you’re looking to do that you can transform. The science behind it is simple.

  • If you’re looking to lose weight then you have to consume less than the daily average intake of calories which is 2200-2400 calories. You’ll start getting lighter once you start consuming much lesser calories.

  • If you’re looking to gain weight then you must consume more than the daily average intake of calories which is 2200-2400 calories. You’ll start getting heavier and bigger once you start consuming much more calories.


It all depends on what you eat in what quantity. Avoid synthesized sugar at all costs. Only consume natural sugar in fruits if you’re looking for optimum health.

 Exercise –

Exercise is really important. Why? Because diet alone won’t cut it. Aerobic exercises have shown to have a positive impact on cardiovascular health. If you can jog even 30 minutes a day, do it. Try to push yourself as much as you can. Start from 10 minutes, take it to 20 then 30 and keep on pushing. If you can incorporate some bodyweight training in your exercise regimen too then you’ll improve your physical strength by a lot. Try adding these exercises in your workout plan –

  • Jogging/ Sprinting

  • Jumping jacks

  • Pushups 

  • Squats 

  • Lunges

  • Pullups

  • Any weighted movements like bicep curls or shoulder presses if possible


As a wise man once said “ It will get easier but you’ll have to do it every single day”


Once you are accustomed to doing these you’ll notice a considerable change in your fitness level especially if you haven’t done any physical movements in your 20s and 30s.

There is no easy way to get fit fast, there is no hard way either. There is only the honest way. It might be tough in the beginning but hang in there. The reward is much better than the punishment of not doing this. You’ll be able to spend more family time. You’ll be able to do more active stuff.

You won’t look clumsy and lazy but someone who takes action. Someone who doesn’t sit around for things to happen rather takes charge and acts. You can do better and this is the key to it.


Check out M-Spot for more health and fitness related stuff to achieve a better and healthier lifestyle. It’s possible and you can do it by being consistent.


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