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February 14,2019 ( PR Submission Site ) Honeydew Movers specialises in transporting, handling and storing personal belongings of their customers. The company offers a comprehensive list of specialised moving services. Thus, the entire move of the customers can be personalised as per their requirements, needs and timescale.

Honeydew Movers is a team of courteous, efficient and hard-working professionals who understand their responsibilities well. They are fully committed to ensuring the safety of each product they handle. Customers often have specific requirements and a budget when they are looking forward to transporting their belongings. Honeydew Movers diligently takes care of all those demands and assures on-time and safe delivery.

Honeydew Movers – Chief Characteristics of The Company:

1) Availability – Honeydew Movers work for seven days a week to ensure optimum and consistent performance.
2) Live Tracking – This facility is available so that customers can track the movements of their belongings. A customer can anytime call the service centre to track the movement of the belongings.
3) Alert Feature – This feature involves sending an SMS alert to the customer. This alert informs the customer about the immediate location of their product.
4) Vehicles: The company has more than ten vehicles, which deliver products at great distances.
Security: All the drivers working for Honeydew Movers are security cleared

Services Offered by Honeydew Movers:

1) Moving Services: You live in a certain region, and you want to deliver a product a little distance away. You do not want to book an international delivery service for it, because you want the package to get delivered on time. 2)Honeydew Movers is your go-to service provider. The company specialises in local moving as well. They are best known for their efficient and on-time delivery.
3) Packing Services: You might need an urgent delivery of a certain product and you want it packaged well and securely delivered to a specific address. In such a situation Honeydew Movers can be your ideal choice. The company specialises in providing packing services as well.
4) Storage Services: There are many companies who have their own storage space, but the space is not enough to store all their products. They need a suitable space where they can store their products quite securely. Honeydew Movers offers storage solutions for users in need.

For more information on Honeydew Movers and their services please visit: http://www.honeydewmovers.co.za

Honeydew Movers has exquisite specialization in storage, packaging and transportation focus their operations in Johannesburg; South Africa. The company is one of the leading small removal companies in Johannesburg, offering a gamut of efficient and reliable moving services.

Contact Us:
13 Monterrey, Montrose Avenue
South Africa

011 053 6857
082 769 7905


Honeydew Movers specialises in transporting, handling and storing personal belongings of their customers.

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