Herbal Colic Medicines And Wraps To Give Your Baby Some Relief

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August 24, 2021 ( PR Submission Site )

When you bring your newborn home, it’s all joyful and cheered up until a little more days pass and they start doing more than just sleeping and eating. The prolonged and ear-shattering wails leave you bound to worry and as the baby clenches its fist, your heart skips a beat. That unhappy red face in pain would be the last thing you would want to see but you have to bear that face and get yourself to find a solution that could put your baby to relief. The baby would erupt in pain often and this heartbreaking experience will seem like forever. This is when you know that your baby has colic.

It doesn’t matter what you try, it will remain difficult to comfort your baby, another hurtful thing to know is that these heartbreaking, stressful episodes will be coming almost every night at the same intervals and this problem would seem like to end forever. This is how colic can make your baby suffer.

New parents wonder what is colic and why does it make their baby suffer so much. Let’s get some information here.

Truth is that all babies convey their messages by crying. As it is the best way to communicate for them, that is what they know and will do to get your attention. But, it definitely matters how much time they are crying. The only way to communicate at this tender age is when they dry their throats yelling in pain. We as parents will try our best to get those needs met. But, there are times when we don’t know a thing as to why the baby is crying. There are high chances of colic in this situation. You must notice if the baby has been crying in pain continuously for several hours. It would be best to see a doctor then.

However, before that, you could try some remedies to fix their problems. There is herbal medicine and natural colic medicine for babies, which will allow them some relief. Colic has no apparent cure because it’s a natural phase that babies undergo while they are growing. When their baffling behavior troubles you, look for natural medicines or cures to offer them some relief.

This health problem of excessive crying and pain in the stomach makes the baby restless and parents worry a lot. The thing is that they are just growing and with passing time the problems would just subside. The statistics say that every 1 in 5 children will have colic and the best remedies to offer them relief is mostly herbal medicine. We have pouches and waistbands that can help your child greatly in recovering from the problem. As the fussy periods can go for several hours in a day, you may get a little panicky. Do not worry as we have the right products available for you. You will again be able to see your little baby rejoicing in good health again if you try our products. The founder of Happitummi, herself faced problems with her children. This is when she decided to come up with this brand and solutions.

You will see the difference for yourself as to how the natural wraps that we offer provide instant relief. Soon, your excessively crying baby will turn into a happy one and the colic will get relief. Your worry and exhaustion will come to an end with trying the right remedies for your little child. The compounds used in our products are well-researched and tried only after which we are bringing this product to you. We saw a lot of parents facing difficulties in such situations hence we planned on a good solution for the same.

The problem of colic will start somewhere near 2-3 weeks of age and will taper off by the time your baby is 10-12 weeks old. You can religiously use our products for this period and give your baby the relief you have wanted to. You will be surprised to see how miraculously colic goes away and treats itself as your baby grows. In the meantime, you will need something to soothe their pain.

Regardless of the bowel movement and the age of your child, we promise to soothe the suffering of your baby to an extent. In severe cases, you must definitely look for a doctor’s help. Before that, we are here to help you with our unique range of products. Log on to www.happitummi.com today to explore what we have for you and your little one.


Colicky babies can be very concerning for parents. If they keep crying, it is possible that they are calling out to you to take some action and relieve their pain. What can you do in this situation? The Press release has some important information for you.

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