What Are Healing Stones And Crystals?

healing stones
July 19, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

The simplest answer to this would be stones that heal! How exactly does a stone healing is what some may ask? Every crystal or stone has the energy or ‘urja’. This energy can be felt when we hold the crystal in our hands for a few minutes. A tingling sensation or a pulsating sensation can be felt. Healing stones are different from a stone or rock in general due to the pattern of the atoms placed in them.

In healing crystals, the pattern is symmetrical and usually in a single direction. Crystals vibrate at different frequencies. Some are denser vibrations and others are high vibration stones. A low vibration stone will help with grounding. The higher vibration healing stones will raise the vibration of the person wearing or using it, or the space they are placed in. We can say that healing stones help to bring the perfect balance needed for each person or space.

At Talk to Crystals we have healing stones and crystals from all parts of the world. Healing stones are found in various forms. The easiest way to use them is in the tumbled form. These have been polished and are smooth to touch. Tumbled stones are available in many sizes. One can choose the stones according to their budget based on the healing stone’s price.

Many crystal healers prefer to use the healing stones in the raw or rough form, exactly as they are found in the mines. They feel that the healing power is intensified in the raw forms. As the name suggests, the rough form is rough to touch and not smooth or polished. This too is available in various sizes from a small pebble-sized piece to a large rock of a few kilograms. The crystal stone’s price will depend on the size as well as the availability of that particular stone.

For personal healing, one can use jewelry forms for those who enjoy wearing jewelry. We have beaded bracelets, studs, dangling earrings, rings, and pendants. A lot of our jewelry is unisex and is worn by men and women of all age groups.

Large healing crystal stones in the form of rocks, clusters, and geodes can be placed at home in a room or in the workspace to bring peace and harmony, or to create an energetic and positive environment. These are available in many sizes with us at Talk to Crystals, Gurgaon.


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