Faisal Imran, Ex Director Multi Millionaire Investor Set to Launch Leadership Program

Faisal Imran Malik
May 18, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

Faisal Imran Malik with specialized knowledge of New Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategy, Turnaround, and Performance Improvement in a large cross section of industries including Pharma, Fertiliser, Chemicals, Utilities, Power, Aviation, Consulting, Advisory, Retail, Fast Fashion, Real Estate and the Food & Agriculture industries. Within Food & Agri industry, he specialises in AgTech, Livestock, Dairy, Aquaculture, Horticulture, Staple Foods, and Edible Oils. Faisal Imran is an adaptable leader who possesses a high EQ with substantial experience of serving on both executive and non-executive boards.

Faisal Imran Malik is set to launch a Leadership Program for building a sustainable future for people around the globe.

Mr. Malik is a former CFO PIA and Chairman PIA subsidiary company Abacus, is an adaptable leader who possesses several academic and professional qualifications in finance and runs his own consulting firm for supporting startups on behalf of his unsaid interests including food, horticulture, and business development.

Faisal Imran Malik remains committed to ensuring that he gives his best insights on financial modeling and mergers. He, being the global business leader, has access to the most accurate, timely and insightful consultation for helping manage your practice and improve valuation. To that end, he has partnered with various international organizations to provide a comprehensive scorecard and valuation tool to all their advisors.  

Faisal Malik developed this whole idea in response to the significant challenges advisors face when attempting to accurately measure their success, plan for succession, and improve their bottom line.  

“Unfortunately, in our industry many advisors don’t think of themselves as business owners and therefore don’t focus on growing their practice’s productivity, efficiency or plan for increasing their valuation for a future merger, acquisition or aggregation. Today I remove all barriers to understanding the current value of their business. Even better, I continue to improve the agri-tech services so it’s easier than ever to take action to grow that value over time,” said Faisal Imran in one of the interviews.

His utmost and most consistent platform includes:

Financial Advisory where he understands and shares the value of corporate finance to investors. His diverse experience with financial management allows him to leverage the financial position of global businesses. He’s focused on creating more opportunities for people who want jobs in their fields. Expertise in working as an advisor, expressing opinions and views on issues that are important to the stakeholders.

Faisal Malik is developing and executing processes to ensure the vendor stays in control and maximizes value. He’s proficient in simplifying diverse business activities into the most granular components providing insights into the key drivers affecting strategic decision-making.

Looking forward to hearing more from the expert about how this can impact our business models worldwide.

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