Final Road Map is a Useful End of Life Planning Guide That Will Offer You Peace of Mind

end of life planning guide

(prsubmissionsite) January 30, 2020 If you are looking for a unique way to ensure that your last wishes come true at the time of your death then Final Roadmap is a web-based guide and toolkit that can help you significantly. It is an online end of life planning guide that can enable you to mention your wishes relating to the medical care and organ donation, legal and financing, visitation services, physical death, last messages to the family, and notifications. It is a useful guide that you can buy online and can get a member login to sign-up for mentioning the details that would communicate your last wishes to your loved ones to avoid any end of the life issues.

You can obtain this death planner online to get a personal digital vault where you can store and keep all the information to communicate your last wishes to the family members that you will leave behind after death. It has different sections including questions that you can answer to provide a flow of information to your loved ones and can make it password protected. The sections mentioned in the guide will let you speak about the words that you wish to speak to your family at the time of severe illness or death but cannot be able to converse. By using this guide you can express your feelings while sharing important information with your family that will not leave any distress among the loved ones and pass your wishes to them.

You can use the medical care section in which you can mention your wish to get the medical care at the time of illness and can also mention about the donation of organs if you want to. You can find the options to consider for ventilator support and feeding of nutritional diet at the time of lying on the death bed and can set the time limit for these situations. Similarly, you can make planning for finances by mentioning the details about your personal financial holdings and can create a will to distribute your estate among the family members after death. You can also download and fill the necessary documents and can save them in the system. You can also take printouts of the information to keep it at a secure place.

End of life toolkit will also enable you to express your wishes for the funeral as you can mention the place and can choose the type of funeral or celebration service. You can also leave a message in the form of audio, video, and writing for your family and can store it in the planner.

About the Company:

Final Roadmap is a useful end of life planning guide that is designed and developed by Steve Byrne and Kerry Shannon to help people revealing their last wishes to their families. It is a well-organized death planning toolkit that comes with six sections to mention different information in serial order and is available at affordable prices to buy online.


This press release is related to Final Roadmap which is an online end of life planning guide that enable individuals to use for mentioning their wishes related to medical, finances, visitation services, and last messages to their families.

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