Growing Demand Of Acrylic Sheets Across The Globe

can acrylic glass sheet be the future foundation
December 1, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

Market experts have predicted the global market for acrylic sheets to grow at a CAGR of approximately 6.4% between the period of 2019 and 2024. The demand for acrylic glass sheets as an alternative to glass is growing by the day. Acrylic sheet dealers reveal that the limitations of glass have boosted the demand for acrylic sheets. From their design flexibility to structural strength, acrylic glass sheets are high-impact resistant and offer incredible durability.

Kapoor Plastics is one of the leading acrylic sheet dealers, and in one of the interviews, their spokesperson revealed the increasing demand for acrylic sheets in the market, “acrylic is a revolutionary substance, and the fact that it highly impacts resistant makes it a popular alternative to glass. This, along with several other factors such as the pocket-friendly acrylic sheet cost, has driven several industries to replace glass with acrylic – the automotive industry, the manufacture of sporting equipment, home improvement products, signage and display, sanitary ware, and more. The market ecosystem has already accepted the fact that acrylic is extraordinary and its application can offer cost-efficiency and longevity.”

Acrylic, in general, is a transparent material that displays features such as stiffness, exceptional strength, and optical clarity. They are easy to fabricate and bond immensely well with solvents and adhesives. They are also easy to thermoform. When compared to other types of plastics, they offer superior weather-enduring properties.

Revealing something more about this extraordinary material, the spokesperson said, “Acrylic sheets display qualities that are similar to glass, such as – transparency, clarity and brilliance. Yet, it is half its weight and has several times more impact resistance than glass. From durable signs to acrylic office partitions and from striking retail store fixtures to beautiful skylights made from coloured acrylic sheets. There are countless uses for acrylic sheets, and their demand in the industry is only increasing. Because of its durability, outstanding versatility and aesthetic qualities, acrylic is here to stay.”

Acrylic has made its way to even the smallest of products that we use in our daily lives. It is a popular choice for several applications across the world.

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