DEA, Operator Of PlayMining, Signs Strategic Partnership With YGG SEA To Expand GameFi Market

dea and ygg sea signs strategic partnership
December 12, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

Singapore — Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), operator of the PlayMining GameFi entertainment platform, has entered a strategic partnership with Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA), a subsidiary of the world’s largest P2E gaming guild, Yield Guild Games (YGG). The partnership, which was officiated on November 18 at the Philippine Web3 Festival in Manila — a conference that the DEA was an official sponsor of — will see the two companies work together to expand and promote the GameFi market in Southeast Asia.

As part of the partnership, the entire PlayMining NFT game catalog will be onboarded to YGG SEA’s game platform DEA and YGG SEA will also cooperate on joint marketing and promotional activities for PlayMining’s services in Southeast Asia, including reaching out to people who have yet to experience GameFi through online and offline events.

The two companies will also collaborate in charity activities in impoverished areas across Southeast Asia, raising awareness of the social and economic impact that digital asset ownership can offer and laying the groundwork for the spread of GameFi in the region. The partner companies already joined forces in October to deliver lunch boxes to impoverished areas in Indonesia, and plan to collaborate on similar joint efforts in the future.

DEA And YGG SEA Signing Video

“We are proud to partner with YGG SEA and honored to have PlayMining’s games on their platform,” said DEA CSO Tatsuya Kohrogi. “Digital Entertainment Asset is committed to using our game platform to promote social good throughout Southeast Asia and the rest of the world by giving value back to the people through fair digital asset ownership. We are also wholly dedicated to helping those in need, and look forward to teaming up with YGG SEA again soon for another charitable initiative.”

“What a pleasure to have DEA as our partner and to offer our community access to the PlayMining game catalog. With our values so well aligned, we are certain that this partnership between YGG SEA and DEA will be a fruitful one,” said Irene Umar, Co-Founder of YGG SEA. “We pride ourselves on being the friendly face who welcomes everyone into the Web3 gaming universe. Everyone loves games – so we lend out game NFTs for free to enable everyone to have a taste of playing blockchain games and earn their first crypto tokens! There would be many ‘firsts’ for the community as they enter into the metaverse and we want to be there to ease the process. We have reached out to many marginal communities such as the one PlayMining and YGG SEA teamed up to help in October, and we are committed to reaching out to similar communities to spread the word about the equal opportunities that GameFi has to offer.”

YGG SEA was launched as the first subDAO of the world’s largest DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) gaming guild YGG, with a global expansion strategy focusing on Southeast Asian countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar. YGG SEA currently offers eighteen Web3 games, with five PlayMining games soon to be added to the platform. The YGG SEA company’s mission is to guide new scholars from Southeast Asia to safely navigate the Web3 space through a range of grassroots activities, including localization and charity.

PlayMining: Bringing Social Good Through GameFi

The PlayMining GameFi platform includes the NFT game titles Job Tribes, Cookin’ Burger, Menya Dragon Ramen, Graffiti Racer and Lucky Farmer, which all appeal to casual gamers. The platform is also home to the PlayMining NFT marketplace, which hosts NFTs for all of its games as well as artwork from some of the most acclaimed creators in the Japanese video game and anime industries. PlayMining Verse, a metaverse platform, is also under development.

The PlayMining NFT market is powered by DEAPcoin ($DEP) tokens, the first P&E token with official approval by Japan’s Financial Service Agency. DEP is also integrated into PlayMining game titles, allowing players to earn the tokens in various ways.

In addition to creating economic opportunities for impoverished people, PlayMining is dedicated to assisting independent game studios with intellectual property (IP) monetization. Small game development companies lose a great amount of value to distribution channels and other stakeholders — the largest distributors such as Apple, Nintendo, Playstation and Microsoft notoriously take a whopping 30% cut — making it hard for independent IPs to be efficiently grown on multiple channels. On the other hand, third-party studios who launch NFT games on PlayMining pay much more reasonable fees and have access to the PlayMining NFT marketplace, the upcoming PlayMining Verse platform and Japan’s only P&E token, providing multiple ways for new IPs to be monetized.

About PlayMining:

PlayMining is a GameFi and metaverse platform that empowers creators who would otherwise benefit very little in the traditional IP creation industry. The PlayMining platform is a new business model for content creation, featuring an NFT Marketplace powered by the PlayMining DEAPcoin ($DEP), paired with an NFT gaming and Metaverse platform. Featuring both in-house games as well as third-party projects with their own native tokens that allow creators to capture nearly all of the value they create, the PlayMining platform has 2.6 million users and a catalog of P&E game titles including Job Tribes, Cookin’ Burger, Menya Dragon Ramen, Graffiti Racer and Lucky Farmer.

About Digital Entertainment Asset:

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA) is a Singapore-based global Web3 entertainment company founded in August 2018. DEA is a developer of Play and Earn (P&E) games, and also operates the PlayMining NFT game platform, the PlayMining NFT marketplace, the PlayMining Verse metaverse project and DEAPcoin – the first P&E token approved by the Financial Service Agency of Japan. The team is headed by two co-CEOs — Naohito Yoshida and Kozo Yamada — who together bring decades of experience in founding successful startups (with 3 IPOs), creating hit video games, producing Web TV programs and a deep understanding of NFT gaming.

About YGG SEA:

YGG SEA, the first subDAO of Yield Guild Games, is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for acquiring and managing NFTs used in the metaverse. The YGG SEA’s mission is to create the biggest virtual world economy by optimizing its community-owned assets for maximum utility and sharing its profits with its token holders. YGG SEA is a founding member of the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance and has dedicated teams in place for localization, including country managers, and community teams, who have experience in each of the key markets including Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Myanmar.


The partnership will see the entire game catalog of DEA’s GameFi platform PlayMining onboarded to the game platform, as well as collaboration between the two companies on promotional and charitable initiatives in the Southeast Asia region.

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