Country Pursuits And Outfitters Charles Lancaster Gun Maker Origins In London England

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August 1, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

This is a reputable and reliable gun maker business that has a large website that displays all the products. That they have available from Charles Lancaster shotguns to gentlemen’s accessories. Country Pursuits and Outfitters sell guns, knives, and sporting attire to enthusiasts.

Country Pursuits and Outfitters has a shop in Martha’s Vineyard where they stock over 90 guns. One of their most popular choices is from the gun maker Charles Lancaster. He was a British barrel maker in the 1800s. His brother Alfred also followed in their father’s footsteps and became a well-known gun maker.

Charles Lancaster hand-made barrels for Joseph Manton, who was a gunsmith. This is how the Charles Lancaster brand started. In 1811, he branched off as a gun maker in his own right and had a shop in Drury Lane London England.

This unique gun maker had a trademark. Where he carved his initials into the barrel of each gun he made. When a CL is discovered on the barrel of a gun. then it is sure to have been made by Charles Lancaster. Country Pursuits and Outfitters supply Charles Lancaster guns in their shop and take online orders.

Charles Lancaster was a superb gun maker and received accolades from the Prince Consort. In 1847, when Charles Lancaster died. His son Charles continued the business as a gun maker. With his younger son, Alfred also started a business as a gun maker and rifle manufacturer.

The two brothers were in competition with each other for the next 20 years in London England. It took out many patents for developments and inventions on barrels and rifles. Country Pursuits and Outfitters have sourced genuine Charles Lancaster guns from the original gun makers.

After Charles Lancaster’s death, Henry Thorn took over the company. They also acquired Alfred’s company after his death and combined the two in 1892 to become Charles Lancaster and Co.

The much sought-after 12/20 shotgun was invented in 1925. By the Charles Lancaster gun makers and is very difficult to source today. The professional team at Country Pursuits and Outfitters is able to help their customers. With finding guns and accessories that they require.

A spokesman for Country Pursuits and Outfitters added “Charles Lancaster was one of the greatest gun makers of the nineteenth century. The guns he designed and manufactured are still very much in demand and are seen used in the field today.”

About Us

Country Pursuits and Outfitters is an outdoor sporting and lifestyle brand. With an online presence and a storefront in Martha’s Vineyard. Run by Dave, Bob, and Rubin, seasoned professionals with over 20 years of experience in the industry. As well as experts in SxS and O/U British guns. CPO is the exclusive US dealer for C. Lancaster and J Dickson & Sons firearms. Their additional firearm inventory is comprised of close to 100 shotguns, rifles, and handguns, mostly on consignment.  They also sell sporting art, knives, fishing gear, and gentlemen’s accessories.  To tie the lifestyle together, Dave works with booking agents. To organize trips to hunting and fishing destinations around the world as well as advise clients on travel. For more information visit our website.


Country Pursuits and Outfitters are a professional team selling and supplying high-end guns by the British gun maker Charles Lancaster. Their customers appreciate their extensive knowledge.

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