Try Cube Taxi Techno new Gojek clone app with face or thumb recognition!

Gojek Clone
May 11, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

Cubetaxi Technolabs receives international applause after unveiling its latest Gojek clone app loaded with the latest features such as online consultation, service provider bidding, and delivery runner. Amongst its other, the most acclaimed feature is the thumb impression and Face recognition tools for unlocking and logging in to the app.

The Gojek clone app is a multi-service app that allows users to access the potential of over 70 different services under a single download and log-in format. With the new features of unlocking and logging in to the app using their thumb impression and facial recognition tools, the app has become a topic of conversation in the on-demand sector. 

“Technology is fluid. It is evolving every day and our team works hard to ensure that it offers everything that a user might need. This is why; we have added this new logging-in feature using thumb impression and facial recognition in the app. It makes the app a lot more secure as only the owner of the smartphone can use it to hire services using the app,” commented the project head at Cubetaxi Technolabs. 

After having launched over 2000 on-demand apps on the Google Play store and the iOS app store, the company has its heels firmly dug into the heart of the market. They have been responsible for pioneering this app on the global platform. 

“We always keep our ear to the ground with respect to our clients and their feedback. If there is something they way, we make sure that we find a way to incorporate it into our applications. This inclusion is yet another proof that we are dedicated to making the lives of our clients and their customers as easy as it can get,” says the development and research head at Cubetaxi Technolabs. 

They have named their latest Gojek clone app the KingX 2022 version, being as it is quite literally the king of the market in the current scenario. They have worked with hundreds of clients from all around the world and have expertise in on-demand structures of apps. 

Amongst their other popular apps are on-demand online taxi booking solutions, on-demand service providers for hire, on-demand food delivery apps, on-demand grocery delivery apps, on-demand parcel delivery apps, and much more. 

They have structured their Gojek clone app in a way that their clients can add or hide services right from the admin panel without the assistance of developers or technical professionals. Their popularity stems from the fact that their on-demand apps are practical, scalable, and absolutely market-ready. 

They also offer freebies along with the purchase of their apps such as free bug support post-purchase, assistance in case of app rejection owing to technical reasons on the Google Play Store and iOS app store, and much more. Their details are available on their website.


Cubetaxi unveils its latest on-demand Gojek clone app known as the KingX 2022 version with a bunch of utilitarian features. Learn more about its face recognition and thumb impression log-in features right here.

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Phone: +1 (858) 427-0668
Address: 205B, Mondeal Square, Prahlad Nagar, SG Highway
City: Ahmedabad
State: Gujarat – 380015
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