Robert Peers, Satori Health Networks’ CEO, Helps Redefine Canada’s Health Care System

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June 10, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

Calgary, Alberta – A passion for innovation and community has enabled Robert Peers to build a highly-effective network of practitioners and clinics that are now helping revolutionize Canada’s health care system.

Collaborative Health Care Network

With up to ten locations across the Calgary area, the ever-expanding Satori Health is a collaborative healthcare network that includes family practices, and specialist services.

Innovative New Model

This innovative new model prioritizes patients’ long-term health by connecting them with needed specialist advice and comprehensive health plans.

“We’re creating a culture where patients feel supported, where experts collaborate. Where the future of healthcare delivery is modeled for the world,” commented Satori Health founder and CEO Robert Peers.

Encompasses A Range of Health Care Services

The network encompasses a range of healthcare services including psychology and mental health, chronic care management, pediatrics, obesity and weight management, podiatry, women’s health, sexual health, chronic pain management, internal medicine, radiology, medical aesthetics, and more.

“Our model prioritizes proactive patient care and leans on the expertise of passionate practitioners. They spend less time on administration and more time helping and listening to patients,” said Mr. Peers.

For more than a decade, Alberta-born and raised Rob worked throughout the developing world. Meanwhile incubating social housing, software development, health and safety, and infrastructure initiatives in Botswana, Cuba, El Salvador, and Panama.

Through his work on humanitarian projects and combining his passion for cultural learning with economic development. He gained a deeper understanding of the value of social impact capital.

Returning To Canada

On returning to Canada to focus on innovation and new industries. He founded one of Alberta’s pioneering Medical Cannabis Clinics in 2015. This experience highlighted for him the lack of continuity and sustainable business practices in the Canadian healthcare market.

Starting with a few foundational clinics and technology companies. He set out to build a healthcare model that would work better for patients and healthcare workers. Satori Health is the life accomplishment of all those experiences.


With its talented medical professional and executive teams, Satori is now on track to change the service standards in healthcare. That service standard begins with every patient’s access to a comprehensive, proactive, and meaningful experience.

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Robert Peers, Satori Health Networks’ CEO, Helps Redefine Canada’s Health Care System

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