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Haryana, India (prsubmissionsite) October 9, 2019 – OBED MATTRESS It’s time to introduce the ‘most premium mattress brand’ in the industry. Since time immemorial, mattresses have been used to find comfort. The first mattress was just a pile of leaves, rugs and animal skin. And in the present day a mattress undergoes a huge amount of scientific studies and experimental research. This estimates the value of such a basic thing who no one would have thought will be such an essential asset to everyday living. 


Importance of a good quality premium mattress

  • To ensure comfortable sleep

  • To ensure proper rest to back.

  • proper alignment of the spine while sleeping

  • To prevent joint and muscular pains

  • Takes care of your pressure points

  • Positive effects on health

  • Increases sleep quality

  • You get the sleep you pay for


Stay away from a bad mattress because –

  • It reinforces poor sleep quality

  • Makes you feel tired, irritated and stressed

  • Does not provide right support and comfort

  • Negative effects on physical and mental health

  • Your investment goes down the drain

  • It’s condition gradually worsens and you have to replace it


Reasons to choose Bonobed mattress

It is a product of ‘sleep science’!!

Human centered design, passionately crafted at Boston is the core of this product. It is the Perfect blend of non-carcinogenic and allergen free materials so it is safe for people with low immunity, babies and kids and pregnant women. It has 4 unique layers that together maintain balance between softness and firmness of the mattress. 


The of Layers Bonobed Mattress are

  1. Cool and contouring gel memory foam layer – this is the topmost layer made from a cool gel substance. Coolness from this relaxes the tired and worked up muscles. Gel also allows contouring which means that it adjusts to your body position and shape. That’s why it is said that cool gel memory foam mattress provides an extra sense of comfort.

  2. Lively and supportive latex layer – excellent elastic properties of latex gives flexibility so that when you toss and turn in your dreamy sleep, the latex mattress has got your back, both literally and metaphorically.

  3. Pressure relieving memory foam layer – this protects your joints from getting sore and stiff while sleeping and accounts for a refreshed and energized feeling in the morning.

  4. Sturdy supportive foam layer – this is the thickest layer and contributes to the most part of the mattress. It gives ever lasting comfort and support.


Another striking feature is that you don’t have to visit the store. It is available online on the Bonobed website and can also be bought from amazon. The shipping and returns policies are quite customer friendly. 0% EMI option is also available. They also offer 30 nights trial, after that if you are not happy with the quality and comfort, they willingly take it back.


Mattress Sizes Chart –

  1. Single/twin size mattress with dimensions of 72”L and 36”W available for 46,000 INR

  2. King size mattress with dimensions 78”L and 72”W for 74,800 INR.

  3. Queen size mattress of dimensions 78”L and 68”W at the price of 92,000 INR.



This blog is all about how well designed mattresses are being manufactured by bonobed and there design supporting human sleeps in optimal ways.

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