Acquired In A Move To Expand Its Portfolio

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April 15, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) – In a move to widen its service range, acquires has just finished acquiring, which is a move to broaden its portfolio and service range. This takeover results with being the sole owner of, with 100% shares on its hand. This move, of course, is expected to lead to a better service offered by Bar Code Revolution LLC, the parent company of This acquisition itself is just one of the many things that Bar Code Revolution LLC will do to become a leader in the world of online reviews.

The acquisition offered numerous advantages for former users of, with the two of them allowing users to keep an order book and allowing users to quote prices. This leads to more liquid and transparent trading, all of which can only result in an increase in customers’ satisfaction.

In the semester of 2019, Bar Code Revolution is aiming to incorporate all of products into its own solution and allowing both former customers of and to use the products. The acquisition is said to be one that can ‘bring technological synergies and complementary customer base’, which will then lead to an expansion of customers’ business and the openings of new markets.

This opportunity has left the Eric Rubero, the CEO of Bar Code Revolution excited. “This merger will only provide the very best of things for both parties,” he commented on the matter. “We are very excited to be working with assets and to expand our service, which in turn leads to an increase in customers’ satisfaction.” is a website owned by Bar Code Revolution LLC, a leading company dedicated to bringing the most innovative product from the United States and Japan. The website itself is a website that is mostly known as the inventor of design barcodes, barcodes that allows design elements to be incorporated in it.

In 2005, design barcode won the Good Design Award, further strengthening their standings in the world of barcodes and has since created barcodes for prestigious companies such as Calbee, Suntory, and many others.

With the partnership between Bar Code Revolution LLC and, the company hopes to be able to bring better services to United States-based clients. With Japanese companies already choosing to use their design barcode, it is only a matter of time before brings its design barcode to the prestigious brands of the United States.

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In a move to widen its service range, acquires

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