BAL-M50x Pro Gaming Offers Wireless Capabilities to Popular Audio Technica M50x Headphones

BAL-M50x Pro Gaming

Dec 6, 2018 ( PR Submission Site ): East Brooklyn Labs, a startup venture in the audio and technology space, today announced the launch of BAL-M50x Pro Gaming, a Bluetooth adapter designed exclusively for the acclaimed Audio Technica M50x headphone set. Tailored to the gaming community, the BAL-M50x Pro Gaming provides users with high-quality audio and a premium boom mic, via Bluetooth, when paired with the wired Audio Technica M50x Headphones.

BAL-M50X Pro Gaming services the many customers who currently have Audio Technica M50x Headphones. Many of Audio Technica’s customers prefer to have a wired connection but would enjoy the choice of transitioning between wired and Bluetooth usage based on their daily needs.

“We have been working closely with Audio Technica since the launch of our previous model, BAL-M50x, and have continuously listened to our customers’ feedback. Using this information we developed BAL-M50x Pro Gaming which meets the day-to-day audio needs of our casual and gaming users,” said Dovid Sufrin, Director of Research and Development at East Brooklyn Labs.

With the needs of gamers at the forefront, East Brooklyn Labs has implemented a variety of features such as a longer battery duration, APTX technology, Bluetooth 5.0, and a premium casing to maintain the enhanced feel of the original adapter.

“We’ve upgraded BAL-M50x Gaming Pro to Bluetooth 5.0 and added APTX as opposed to just SBC codec.This method of transmitting audio over Bluetooth provides an excellent reproduction thanks to a higher rate of data transmission, and delivers music without the occasional hiss that devices that only have SBC can give,” said Sufrin.

BAL-M50x Pro Gaming, available on Amazon, ensues the very popular BAL-M50x which sold more than 20,000 units last holiday season. Individual components of the BAL-M50x Pro Gaming – the Bluetooth adapter and boom mic – are available for sale on Amazon.


A Brooklyn startup offers a new bluetooth adapter and amplifier to the acclaimed Audio Technica M50x Headphones.

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