AvenDATA Presents 2nd Legacy System Archiving Breakfast Webinar

avendata 2nd legacy system webinar
August 5, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

AvenDATA announces the next webinar, viz. 2nd LEGACY SYSTEM ARCHIVING BREAKFAST on Sep 22nd, 2022, Thursday (10:00 AM to 11:00 AM).

The webinar will be conducted by Tanja Konig, Head of Sales and Authorized Signatory at AvenDATA.

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The highlights of the webinar include a complete update on the archiving legacy IT systems, an understanding of how large companies across the globe archive their systems, a demonstration of how other companies archive their legacy systems with AvenDATA along with a live presentation of the archiving software ViewBox.

Tanja Konig will also share a thorough overview of system experience at AvenDATA.

AvenDATA, Head of Sales, Tanja Konig will cover various topics related to information about AvenDATA along with interesting experiences of archiving the legacy IT systems.

The webinar will begin at 10 AM. It will start with a short introduction to the organization. The organization’s introduction will be followed by a description of the archiving approach based on the best practices.

References and examples will be part of the webinar to showcase how these best practices were a direct result of the sincere hard work by AvenDATA for the last 10 years.

Next, the webinar will include the application aspects as well as the successful customer experiences with AvenDATA. Tanja Konig will also be explaining the product using different business cases like the archiving cost in comparison to the storage of a legacy system.

The main highlight of the webinar will be a software presentation of the archiving tool, ViewBox. The ViewBox presentation will be an SAP-based illustration to understand and appreciate the features of the product by AvenDATA. Finally, the webinar will conclude with a Q&A session.

AvenDATA founded in 2003 as a spin-off of the renowned auditing and tax consulting company Mazars GmbH & Co. KG (www.mazars.de) has become one of the leading providers in the field of legacy system archiving and legacy system decommissioning.

The vision is to revolutionize the future of system decommissioning through our ViewBox archive solution. They have the best expertise in archiving legacy systems.

The AvenDATA Group operates worldwide with headquarters in Berlin with offices in Budapest, Mumbai, and New York.

They have more than 600 archiving projects with more than 250 applications from different vendors. The company has an extensive global experience of more than 18 years. It has a team of 180+ experts who are the main driving force behind the success of archiving solutions for global clients.

They provide specialized services like IT application decommissioning, carve-out, system decommissioning, SAP HANA, liquidation, insolvency, mergers, and acquisitions to name a few.

At the global level, AvenDATA has been successful in delivering legacy system archiving and legacy system decommissioning. The clients eagerly look for upcoming solutions to archive the legacy systems with AvenDATA products. Some of the clients including Strabag, Norddeutsche Landesbank (NordLB), ALSO Group, Sonepar, GRZ Technologies, Alpiq, IMCD, BITMARCK, e-on Energie, TX Group, BIOSCIENTIA, Bauer Media Group, etc.

For further information, please contact

Tanja König
(Head of Sales, AvenDATA)

Email: t.koenig@avendata.com

Phone: +49 30 700 157 520 | +49 160 890 50 60 | Fax: +49 30 700 157 599

Website: www.avendata.com


Second Legacy system archiving breakfast webinar will be organize by Avendata

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